Jan is off to a MEGA start...

Newsletter: Jan 06, 2015

Dear Members,

Well it didn't take long for our Members to start breaking records.  Our first party of the New Year broke all attendance records over the past 11 years.  There were 285 Members at Princeton last Friday night.  Good Job Princeton Members...

This week we have some wonderful parties...

Thursday is Three Way Thursday with Rachel and Kenny opening the VIP Club for everyone to come on out and enjoy themselves.. So if are a Couple or a Single Lady and you would love to meet some other women that want to dance, play in the back or just socialize, then Three Way Thursdays are for you.  8-1am.

Friday our L3 group is having a Birthday.  L3 turns 3 this week.  And while we have been having BBW parties since 2008, Laura and the L3 Girls have been calling the VIP Club home for 3 years.   So this Friday marks the beginning of our 4th year for L3.  So come on out and enjoy so hot sexy L3 Women.  RK loves, loves, loves this Party!!!

Friday at the Main Club we are having a Girls Night Out Wine tasting party.  So get online and let everyone know we are going to be playing at the newly remodeled Red Room...

Then Saturday we have a Special Event.  Couples Sensual Massage Afternoon Class is being Hosted  Steve and April from 3:30-7:30.  Now this is a Wine and Cheese 30 minute Meet and Get Ready for the 3 Hour Sensual Massage Class held in the New Red Room.  We have enough room for 20 couples. This is a Couples Only Event and Steve and April will be providing a Massage Manual and Massage oil for you and a 3 hour Sensual Massage.  You will be learning all the sensual massage techniques to make your partner just melt. This is the real deal.  So sign up for an afternoon 3 hour sensual massage class.  The class ends at 7 and we will have some more wine and cheese.  If couples want to stay for the night time party just sign in at the front ticket booth. 

Saturday night Jan 10th is one of our favorites... It's a BLACK DRESS PARTY.  So ladies and even you guys come dressed in black tonight and show your stuff.  We love to see all the fashion and tonight, it's all about coming dressed in BLACK.

If you havent heard Princeton is going to Desire in June so if you want more information please contact Dream Pleasure Tours for a travel package.  And by the way, Dream Pleasure tours is giving away a FREE trip on Valentines Day Feb 14th at Princeton.

Everyone want to learn their ABC's again Princeton Style.  Well JB and Tiff will be in the house Jan 24th with hundreds of their friends to bring you an ABC Party.  So what are you waiting for.   

Did you know Playboy Radio is coming to Princeton on January 30... Be sure to read all about what's happening on Friday January 30 and the Hot Sexy Topics to be discussed... ONly on Playboy Radio being aired right here at Princeton. Maya Jordon is your Host from Playboy Radio.  And if you haven't met Maya yet, you better stop on down and find out what's all the buzz about her show.

April and Aj are having a Cowboy and Cowgirl event up at the VIP CLUB on Friday Jan 30... So be sure to stop in with your SPURS on.  April is our Adult Toy Playmate so she will have some of her favorite Adult toys for you see and feel.

 Plus NEON NANCY is coming to the VIP CLUB  January 31 at 11pm bringing you a FIRE AND ICE Party Event.  NEON NANCY has some of the coolest Clothing and she is putting on an event at Princeton from 11-5.  She's bringing her own DJ's, Fire Play, Ice Luges for your enjoyment... And this event is very affordable... So check out what NEON NANCY is doing at Princeton up at the VIP CLUB.

So that's just some of what's happening at Princeton in the month of January.  And if you haven't heard Princeton is having a MEGA VALENTINES PARTY FEB 14... DINNER, DANCING AND DESSERTS, FREE PHOTOS, just $69 a couple.  Roses for the ladies.  So where can you take your sweetheart for Dinner, Dancing, Desserts, Free photo, and all of Princeton for $69 per couple.  No where by Princeton.  Make your reservations today!!!

Love and Kisses,

Cupid RK and the Heart Stopping Princeton Staff   


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