Looking for Host Couples

Newsletter: Oct 21, 2014

Dear Members,


For several years we have wanted to bring several new parties to the Club but we haven't found the right Host Couple yet.  So we are searching again...


Princeton is looking for couples that have the following traits...


1.    Enjoy Socializing with others

2.     Good Listeners

3.     Good Natured

4.     Intelligent

5.     Enjoy dressing up

6.     Like to participate in themed events

7.    Have the time one day during the week to devote to a Club Event 8pm-1am

8.    Enjoy chatting online

9.    Are Organized and prefer to take their time to get a job or project done right rather than rush through it

10.  Would rather enjoy the scenery during the trip rather than concentrate on getting to the final destination


If this is you and your partner, we want to talk... Please send a pic of you both to the club email address with a number to reach you.  We hold management meetings at Princeton every Monday and we will schedule you in for an interview...


The Potential New Parties that we are going to launch:


The Hot Wives Club...  where couples come to our facility looking only for Hot Young Guys to meet their wives in a scintillating, burst and exchange of passion...


Rendezvous After Dark... where couples are looking only for Bi Curious or Bi Sexual Females to meet and play at the Club... It's Girl on Girl Only with No Men participate but can view..


50 Ways to Keep Your Lover...  Is a Couples Only Group who meet for the express purpose of enjoying professional seminars conducted at the club... Couples will participate in non penetrating exercises, massages, during the 90 minute session clad only in a towel... After the Seminar couples are encouraged to practice what the session stressed.  Lite appetizers and wine are served in our Red Room.  Only 20 Couples may participate...  


Sporting Nite... Where guys get together, and enjoy a safe night out watching some of their favorite teams beat the crap out of each other... Held up at the VIP Club... Club Staffers are scantily clothed in case the game is boring...


Just because we post that we want to have a special party to develop into a monthly or weekly event doesn't mean our membership is interested.  If you see a potential party that interests you, send us a letter. If there is another event that you have been thinking of or sincerely want to see Princeton develop, just drop us a line or call the Club Hotline 614-275-9861.  If you don't like an event don't trash it, just don't go.  Allow others to follow their dreams and fantasies and to enjoy the FREEDOM we have to express ourselves...


And if you feel you fit the couple traits we have listed above and want to be interviewed let us know... asap... We want to launch these starting in January... Are you ready?


Love and Kisses,


RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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