Horny as Hell & Peek a Boo...b

Newsletter: Oct 21, 2014

Dear Members,


All we can say is Holy COW!!!  It's October 20th and we are finishing up the final touches around the club for this weekend and next...


Are you really HORNY or is it just me... You know what I mean... Like something is in the air and I know it's not short hairs... I mean the air is thick with it... It's that time of year when the Rut starts, the antlers are being sharpened and everyone is on edge...  Well that's everyone except Club Princeton... She's sitting back, relaxed and waiting for everyone to get their engines started and heading back her way...  Yes Club Princeton is ready.


This week we decided to bring back an Old favorite party of mine... Horny as Hell Fridays... And yes most of you are Horny as Hell.  And then a new party called Peek a Boo...b.  Yes that's a long Booooooo before you add the b on the end...  Boob... It's a see thru Blouse Party for Saturday...


So call all your friends and make Princeton your weekend party place... Let's see new main bar top, New Columns on the stairs to frame your grand entrance to the dance floor... Then taller Columns on the dance floor, new Lighting on the walls, new granite table tops, new red heating lamps on the patio, new sound, new lights... What's a girl gotta do around here to get noticed... Just show up at Princeton and let the club do all the work...  


Next week we are celebrating our XI Halloween and this year we are doing it twice.  RK wants everyone to enjoy the FREEDOM to Assemble.  There is no reason to miss Halloween at Princeton this year...  No Reason at All.. Come Friday to the MASK Party... And if for some reason you forget your MASK at home, Princeton will let you borrow one of hers... We want everyone wearing a MASK on Friday.  Then Saturday Night is the MEGA Fantasy Fest Halloween Costume Party...   


We are giving away a bunch of stuff including MONEY... There's Dinner, Dancing and Desserts to DIE 4 on both floors, Music til 5am... FREE Photos, FREE Shuttle to the Hotels on Jackpot Road.


Make your reservation today.  Prepay through Paypal and get in the No Wait Line... You can prepay for Regular tickets or VIP... And not have to wait...


Can't wait to see you...


Love and Kisses,


RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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