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Newsletter: Sep 15, 2014

Dear Members,

The LUAU Party every year signifies the last Summer Party and while the Patio will remain open all year, the BBQ's, the water themed parties and of course the Summer dress code are all complete and the beginning of our Regular Scheduled Programs begin...  So just a reminder, our dress code is in place for our members to make an impression on their partner and others that Princeton means Classy, Sexy, Stunning... Yes you may wear a nice pair of jeans, however if the rest of the outfit says you don't look so good... We will be asking you to change that look.  Just remember you are dressing up not down...

This week we have so many great parties...

Friday we have a Doubleheader. Upstairs at the VIP Platinum Club we have Fetish Foreplay.  Guilty Pleasures has done an outstanding job in creating a fabulous Dungeon Play area for all of our members... So be sure to enjoy!!!  Then down at the Main Club we have Girls Night Out Wine tasting... You gotta love a Girls Night Out Party.  Those Ladies will show you a thing or two.

Then Saturday Night for the Main Event we have our famous Pajama Party with JB and Tiff Hosting.  And along with the Pajama Party, Dream Pleasure Tours will be in the house giving away a $250 voucher for Princeton's Desire Trip scheduled in June 2015. So you want to be at Princeton and win that voucher.  Of course we have an After Hours Party til 5 so for those of you wishing to dance the night away, you've got it this weekend...

We have several birthday parties coming, so be on the lookout for all those ladies running around in their Birthday suit...  It's Party time at Princeton!!!

And speaking of Party time a BIG TIME  THANK YOU to DAN the Man who spent countless days working on the Hot Tubs... Yes Princeton Members we have THREE SPAS that are working and operating and they were FULL all night long this weekend...  So you don't need to call and ask if the Hot Tubs are working.  They are ON...

Just an FYI... Next week is our Anniversary Party and we would really like to see everyone come out and celebrate with us... RK has agreed to pay half your entrance fee if you come dressed in BLACK and get to the club before 9pm $30 per couple.  So come on out and tell us your stories about Princeton... Plus we will have a FOAM Party out on the VIP Patio.  So get ready for a Great Anniversary Weekend!!!  Plus we are giving away another $250 voucher for our Desire Trip in June 2015.

And did we mention SEXTOBERFEST October 18!!! Come on you crazy zany Princeton Members.  If you remember last year we had four play areas set up throughout the club where Special Princeton Members played for 30 minutes right in front of you.  It was such a BLAST, SEXTOBERFEST is part of our annual right of passage.  All couples volunteering for Festival Duties are rewarded with annual memberships... So if you enjoying playing in front of others then you really will enjoy SEXTOBERFEST...

And it wouldn't be fair if we didn't remind you to call all your friends and make Fantasy Fest Halloween Weekend your Princeton Party Headquarters. We are making everyone rethink Halloween with our Friday $50 couple, Saturday $69 couple or Weekend $99 couple price... Dinner, Dancing, Desserts to DIE 4, FREE Photos, FREE Shuttle to the Jackpot Road Hotels, plus prizes and giveaways... And everyone knows Princeton has the best Halloween Party with 69 different play areas... Yes the entire Club is open, two DJs, three bars open and we are expecting over 500 people this year... So make your reservation, prepay and get in the NO Wait Line.  SO DON'T WAIT, GET ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS TO COME PARTY WITH PRINCETON FOR OUR FANTASY FEST HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!!

See you this week at the Pajama Party.  

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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