Newsletter: Sep 10, 2014

Dear Members,

This is a GREAT WEEK!!!  This weekend signifies the beginning of our Season where many of the members who have been away come back to renew old friendships...  And of course tell us fantastic stories where they have been and who they have met.  It also means that we are at the end of our TENTH year of business and next week marks the beginning of our 11th year...


It all starts Friday with a DOUBLEHEADER... We have the L3 Girls upstairs having a Naughty Schoolgirl Party, while all the Girls downstairs are enjoying Chocolate and practicing their Chocolate Kisses...  Boy do we love Chocolate Kisses...  Plus we are giving away some condoms. And you all know that RK loves to talk about SAFE SEX... 

Then Saturday Night we have three Parties...  There is the Hawaiian LUAU with our famous smoked pulled pork and plenty of our scalloped potatoes... There are a couple of FIRE DANCERS that will give two performances on the Patio.  Plus RK is having an AFTER HOURS PARTY at the MAIN FLOOR CLUB til 5am.  And we welcome back Mike who is having a LATE AFTER HOURS PARTY up at the VIP Platinum Club.  Mike's Party doesn't get started til  1:30 and the entrance is under the Portico at the Double Silver Doors...

NEXT WEEK is the Pajama Party with JB and Tiff Hosting, so be sure to call all your friends and tell them to meet you at Princeton.  Plus we are having another After Hours Party til 5am...  And did you say Fetish anyone.  Yes the Fetish Party is back next week up at the VIP Platinum Club.

Just a reminder Fantasy Fest Halloween Weekend is coming in 6 weeks and you need to get all of your close friends to make it a weekend deal.  We have a Fantasy Fest Friday Night Mask Party only $50 per couple and then the MEGA Fantasy Fest Saturday Night Costume Party is only $69 per couple... We have a weekend pass for only $99 per couple so if you want to save a few bucks just order up the weekend pass. We are working on our website so in a few days we will post the Official HALLOWEEN PARTY NOTICE and you should be able to make a reservation and pre pay.  We will have a Special Pre Pay area for our members with a NO WAIT LINE.  Plus there is a FREE Shuttle to the Hotels at Jackpot Road in Grove City.  

For those of you that want VIP Reserved Tables and party til 5am that's available with FREE LIMO Service to the Hotels at Jackpot Road...  It's only $95 per couple...  Plus Special Annual Membership packages as well...  

And speaking of unbelievable DEALS... We are starting to advertise the DEAL of All Deals for our Members and it's all about New Years Eve this year.  When you hear what we are doing this year, you won't want to go anywhere else...  But you will have to read about that yourself.  And honestly we think this year we will have the SEXIEST CROWDS EVER at Princeton... It's what everyone is talking about... Princeton is getting a MAKEOVER and all of Members can feel the GREAT VIBES that are going through them... We are sooooooo Thankful!!!

We have been having so much FUN with the members and so many members have been streaming back recently... We are sorry to see the SUMMER go but we are thrilled to see all of our old friends...

Be sure to tell someone how much you appreciate them and say Thank you three times that they are in your lives...  Loving your family, friends and others is just one way of paying it forward.  

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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