Princeton 1100 & Halloween Weekend

Newsletter: Aug 15, 2014

Dear Members,


Yes we are busy with adding items to the Club and hopefully you were one of the 300 people that attended the Black White Mansion Party because we have a Special treat for you...


This weekend we have two Parties on Friday...


The Fetish Foreplay Party is up at the VIP Club and we will be using the Portico Entrance.  You might be asking where is the Portico Entrance.  Princeton sits on the corner of Union and Princeton and the double Silver Doors that face Union to the front of the building is the entrance to the VIP Club.  We will using that entrance more and more for our second floor parties...


Then downstairs we will be featuring our Wine Tasting event plus a Special Kissing Contest over at the Body Shot Table...



On Saturday we have two events... The Princeton 1100.  Yes we have had more than 1100 parties since we started and we like to take a minute to thank all of our Members for being such wonderful loving, supporters that we make this party a twofer...  Well its the back half of the twofer... Okay I know you are going to wonder what a twofer is.  Well at Princeton we sometimes say come to one party and we will give you a free pass to another party.


Well last week we had our Famous Black White Mansion Party and part of the package for the Black White stated if you attended the Black White you can get in FREE to the Princeton 1100...  Just get to the club before 9pm...  So what are you waiting for Princeton Members the Princeton 1100 Party is FREE if you attended the Black White.


Well let's say you didn't attend the Black White, well we want to give you a big discount too.  So come to Princeton on Saturday night with a New Couple before 11pm and both couples can get in for $30 per couple...


Then the After Hours Party is the Foam Party outside at the VIP Patio.  We have a DJ, lights and the play beds are inside the foam area...  Get all Foamed up and have FUN!!!  That Party is only $35 per couple after Midnight!!!... We will have a mini shower at the end of the foam area to rinse off... of course you can slip in the hot tub after you rinse off... 


Then Sunday is the Sexy Sunday Party with Jay and Neicy Hosting starting at 5pm and ending at Midnight...It's an Animal Print Birthday Party so be sure to stop on by...


Halloween only comes around once a year and RK said to begin decorating the Club in our Halloween fashion beginning the first weekend of October... We are just putting the finishing touches on the HALLOWEEN PARTY WEEKEND... And yes RK is Hosting that MEGA Party and it will be a Party you will never forget.  It will be a Weekend Party with Friday being the Mask Party and Saturday being the Costume Party...  Princeton will be supplying the MASKS for Fridays Party...  Prizes for Best Original Costume, Most Bizarre Costume, and the most Comical Costume...  Plus RK is giving away a $250 trip Voucher to Desire for the Dream Pleasure Tour Package June 2015...


Halloween Packages and Dinner, Dancing and Desserts, Plus FREE Photo to take home that night.


Friday Night Only $35 - Party til 2:30

Saturday Night Only $69 - Party til 2:30


VIP Friday Night Only $65 - Party til 5

VIP Saturday Night Only $95 - Party til 5


1 Yr Membership VIP Friday Night $99 - Party til 5

1 Yr Membership VIP Saturday Night $139 - Party til 5


All VIP Ticketholders are entitled to use the Limo to and from the Jackpot Hotels, party til 5 am, reserved tables on the dance floor, both Clubs Open, DJs both Floors, Dinner, Dancing and Desserts, FREE Photo to take home that night... 


Come to the Premiere Halloween Party of the Midwest...


Love and Kisses,


RK and the Entire Princeton Staff


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