Memorial Weekend

Newsletter: May 21, 2014

Dear Members,

Yes this is a long weekend so get fingers all stretched and limbered up so you can get online and invite all your friends over to Princeton for some Memorial Weekend Fun...

If you are worried about big crowds come on over this Friday... We will have a nice sexy crowd for the Sexy Ladies Night and Wine Tasting.  Yes a member dropped off some wine for the members to taste and Erin will be behind the bar.  Plus a new staffer Bethany will be at the ticket booth this weekend...Seymone will be hosting and handling all the activities up at the Body Shot Table... And yes we promise to go out and buy a new set of pool table balls. Friday Nights event is priced at $35 per couple.

Speaking of balls, Ladies check out the new Patio bed platforms we built for you this past weekend.  Padded bed platforms.  Try this test.  Jump up and down on your man on the new platforms and see how high his fly...Be sure to write about it on the fan club...

Then Saturday night we have two MEGA Parties.  Upstairs at the VIP Club we have AIS with a bondage party and they are expecting 250 people...  This event is only $40 per couple.  And downstairs we will have a Dj on the Main dance floor and a DJ and light show out on the Patio...  DJ LA will be flying in and setting up and will lite up the Patio from 10-2...  There will be Dinner, Dancing and Desserts as always on Rk's Saturday Nights... This is priced at $55 per couple.

Then Sunday we have Tanning starting at noon to 5... Erin will be handling the Bar duties and Rachel and Kenny will be playing with squirt guns.  PLus Jay and Neicy will be Hosting... We have normal memorial weekend food during the event and plenty of it...There will be music outside from noon til 5pm.  Then we take you  inside with a Dj and plenty of fun til Midnight... So from Noon to Midnight its $45 per couple and from 5pm to Midnight it's just $35 per couple...

We opened Princeton in 2004 and couples paid $35 for Friday and $55 for Saturday...This weekend those same prices are still in effect...ON May 18, 2004 the price of gas was $2.04.  Today I bought gas at $3.79. Princeton was a bargain in 2004 and an even bigger bargain today.  

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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