What a Big Weekend

Newsletter: Aug 05, 2008

Dear Members,

As you know we are having one of our favorite weekends with our Rendezvous Party on Friday and the Ms No Swimsuit Contest on Saturday.

Some of you may know that the company that sponsors the Ms No Swimsuit Contest is Tom's Tours, a Tour Division of Airport Tour and Travel – 3494 Peninsula Dr, Muskegon MI 49444. Tom is providing the winner with a FREE 7 Night Package to Hedonism II in Jamaica. So the winner of this Saturday's Contest will be going to Jamaica in March 2009 to represent Princeton. One of the nice features about this trip is to bring as many of your friends with you to not only support you in your endeavor to win but to help convince everyone at HEDO II that you should be the winner. It's all about networking, smiling, and of course bribing the Judges Ladies...

So Ladies get your engines started and bring all your friends to Princeton this weekend, let your hair down and have some fun. We want all you ladies to be involved.

Here is what we want you to do...All Contestants must be signed up no later than August 8th. Then we want you Ladies and your partner to join us at the Princeton Club on Saturday August 9th at 7:00pm for a Private Cocktail Party hosted by RK and the Club. So send us an email at kitty@clubprinceton.com that you want to enter the Contest.

All Contestants will bring with them on Saturday a Formal Night Club Outfit to wear throughout the night while talking with all the members in an effort to convince members to vote for them, a Lingerie Outfit, and a Swimsuit to walk out on stage and discard during your one minute on stage.

During the Private Cocktail Party each contestant will be given two questions that will be asked during the contest. These questions are designed to give each contestant a chance to express themselves. So relax Ladies this is a chance for you to have fun, enjoy a Private Cocktail Party and for your friends to be there supporting you during the night.

All contestants will receive a prize and remember Ladies, the winner will be going to HEDO in March 2009 representing Princeton in the Ms No Swimsuit Contest. Plus Princeton will be giving the winner $250 as spending money for the trip. Princeton will accept no more than 15 applicants for the event. So enter the contest and have fun.

So Ladies, get your friends out to Princeton this weekend and have fun at Rendezvous and the Ms No Swimsuit Contest. Everyone wins this weekend. And of course think HEDO in March 2009. See you at the Club this weekend...

Love and Kisses,

rk & kitty

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