Camo Scavenger Hunt & Rocking the 80s Parties!

Newsletter: Apr 02, 2014

Hope you're Enjoy this Wonderful Spring Sunshine!

Just an update about the Chippendale Party last Saturday!  It was a Great Way to Get the Party Started and we had a little bit of a bump in the road on the 2nd Floor with the Female Dancers!  But we ended up with ONE FANTASTIC DANCER that Enjoyed All Your Attention All to Herself!  A Win-Win for Everyone!  Just a heads up....we're throwing an  Amateur Dancer Party for all our Female Members that want to check one off their YOLO ( You Only Live Once ) List!  The Winners will get the opportunity to Dance at the next Chippendale Party on the 2nd Floor!  It'll be a Great Opportunity to know what it's like to Strut Your Stuff with the support of your husband and boy/girl friends watching and cheering you on.  Get your audition song and routine together so you're set to Win!  Stay Tuned for Party updates!

This Friday you'll want to join in the fun playing the Camo themed Scavenger Hunt!  And Saturday I can't wait for the 80s Party!  I love this party because the Guys get involved with some really fantastic themed outfits with Grilz, 3/4 length faux fur coats, etc.  And Ladies, watch American Hustle to get some 80s Fashion Ideas!

Come on down to the Club Tonight and Have a Good Time!  Yes, we're open at 9pm and close at 1am!  It's definitely going to be "Old School" and it'll impossible to NOT MEET OTHER CLUB MEMBERS!  When the club opened over 10 years ago, there'd only be awesome members that'd showed up at any given Party and the stories that could be told of those "Crazy Times"! It's Cozy & Fun!   When you check-in this week, Be sure and sign up for the FREE Las Vegas 3-Day Trip for 2 that includes airfare, hotel, a Las Vegas Show,  FREE Passes to both the Green Door and Couples Oasis Las Vegas lifestyle clubs.  Starting Friday, Feb 21, each time you come to the club on the First or Last Weekend of the Month, you’ll receive an entry form and on the Wednesday and Thursday Parties we'll give you 3 entries if you get to the Club by 10pm.  The drawing is Saturday, May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend) so be sure and mark your calendar: Win a Vegas Trip for 2 at Club Princeton!

Speaking of MARKING YOUR CALENDAR.....JUNE 6 Joselin James is COMING TO PRINCETON and Hosting the Party Saturday Night.  You all know her from her 100s of XXX Porn Star DVDs/Shows, as a Featured Dancer in Las Vegas, Magazine Model and most importantly, Tiger Woods' Dirty Little Secret!  She's putting on a Photo Shoot during the day and You're All Invited to Join Her at the Shoot!  You'll be able to have your picture taken by famous photographers that you'll be able to use on your social media sites. I can't WAIT!

Sping is finally here, so come to the club this Weekend and CELEBRATE!

Love & Lust


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