MEGA NYE 2013 Info & Major Announcements!

Newsletter: Dec 27, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebration and that you're catching your breathe!  We've sent out the 1st NYE Party Reservation Group Email to everyone that has sent a party reservation to  NYE is just around the corner and we can't wait to say "Good-Bye and Good Riddance" to the Old and "Hello & Hallelujah! " to the New Year!  Amen!....Can I Get a Witness?  LOL!  I've copied the email below, if that is easier than making a reservation.  We're expecting 500+ Sexy Princeton Club Members and you'll want to meet every Sexy One of Them!  It's a Bing, Bling, Bling Party and the Fashion is to Die For!!!  OhhhLaLa!

Tweet Your Favorite Club Princeton New Years Eve's Experience or Favorite Club Princeton Fantasy and Win a VIP Pass ( $169 Value).  The Winner will be announced via Twitter on Dec 28.  We'll be playing lots of Twitter Games in the next few days so stay tuned and Tweet, Tweet, Tweet either @ClubPrinceton1 or #ClubPrinceton.  It's a Great Way to meet Club Princeton Party Members before you step a foot in the door.  And to catch up with after you've got better aquainted at the party.  2EZ!

I can't wait to share with All of You the upcoming Princeton Club additions and opportunities this Saturday.  I'm so excited.....and I just can't hide it.... as the song goes.  The 2nd Floor VIP Renovation will be completed NYE!  A New Dungeon & Stage and many more Exciting Changes, so be sure and sign up for the NYE VIP Pass and be the 1st to Break It In!  LOL!

Mark your calendar for the Jan 3 & 4 Swingsuary of Love Party!  We've got some Very Important People to introduce You to.  Lots of Exciting Additions and Opportunities!

Update on the Vivid Entertainment Live At Princeton DVD:  It's due out in Jan 2014 and your Favorite Club is going to be advertised on the Vivid Home Page!!!!!!!  When WNCI came to the club and did I Live Show, the club attendance increased exponentially and the Vivid Entertainment collaboration will do the same, if not more.  Hold on to your Hats Princeton, we're truly going national and international even more.  Be sure and Give all the New Princeton Members  a Warm Princeton Hug and Show Em the Ropes!

Please call/614-275-9861 or email regarding any questions you may have. 

Life Is Good,


Hello Mega NYE Reservation  Princeton Members,


Thanks for making your Mega NYE Party Reservations .  Please have your IDs out so we can check you in quickly and we suggest that you bring Cash so your check-in is FAST.  If you are a new member that is coming to the club for the first time, we will ask you to sign the membership agreement at this time (we will provide this when you arrive).  If you are a current member of the club, your check-in should be easy and quick. The VIP Entrance is the Front Portico Door from 8-10:30pm.  There will be signs posted in the parking lot.  The Standard Pass entrance is located on the side of the building and there may be a line so please try and come as close to 8pm as possible.  . Also for all VIP guest there is designated reserved VIP seating around the dance floor area located on the first floor as well as VIP Coat Check, VIP Buffet, VIP Erotica Show,  etc.  Please go to the website for details regarding each Party Pass.


 All Free Shuttles  will be available for both Standard and VIP Passes and will be running continuously (7:45pm – 4:30am) through the night to and from the hotels located on Jackpot Road in Grove City.  Pick-up and drop-off will be at the Hilton Hotel (ONLY) !!  We hope you show your appreciation to all the Princeton Staff that helps to make your NYE 2013 Party Memorable!


This is the Biggest  & Best Party of the Year and we are Sure that you are going to have a Great Time!  Bling, Bling, Bling!  We've got the Sexiest People on this Planet at the Blingey-Est Party of the Year, Be A Part of It!


See you on the Dance Floor,


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