OSU/MSU Big 10 Party! & Fri ABC Party!

Newsletter: Dec 04, 2013

Go Bucks!

What an exciting game against Michigan and this Saturday is sure to be even Better 'cause you'll be watching it at your Favorite Club!  We're opening the doors at 7pm so you won't miss One Minute of the OSU WIN!  Pizza and Snacks will be available and if you'd like to bring your own Tailgate appetizer to share, please do.

And don't worry about any commercial lull because we've got some really Fun One-Minute Games and each time the Bucks Score you'll have a change to enter the Cheerleading Contest and do your Own version of the OSU Cheerleader
TouchDown Push-Up/Sit-Up/Aerial Toss........except throw in a Princeton Twist and use the ShadowBox or the Dance Pole.  The Winner walks away with a NYE Dec 31 VIP Pass ($179 Value) and the Audience Walks away with some Great Memories.  A Win-Win for Everyone!  Sign up with DJ Ayo and Good Luck!

Everyone is Welcome This Weekend!  All you have to do is bring a Respectful Attitude.  If you've been banned, You are Welcome.  Respectully, we're All Coming Together this Weekend and saying Goodbye to the Past and Hello to the Future!  Be sure to mark your calendars for the January 3 & 4 Swingsuary of Love Parties so we can introduce you to some very important people that will help us achieve our goals of Becoming a Better Club filled with Delicious Princeton Members!

You can PrePay for your Dec 31 NYE Party Passes this weekend.  We'll give you a receipt and we promise your wait time to enter the Party will be 3-5 Minutes and you'll be inside while you wait.  We'll email you detailed info about your NYE PrePay Party Pass!

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet using #ClubPrinceton or @ClubPrinceton1  'cause we'll sending out Special Offers for this weekend.  For instance, we've got a Special Newsletter Offer right this Minute.  The First 2 Tweets (Couples and Single Females Only) that we receive before 1:30pm Today/12-4-13 that uses all 140 Tweet spaces Wins a FREE OSU/MSU Door Pass this Saturday.  We'll be sending out Tweets like this All December with Dec 31 NYE VIP Passes, Special Offers, ETC.  Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

See Ya on the Dance Floor,


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