Speed Dating & Naughty Nurses'

Newsletter: Jul 23, 2008

Dear Members,

The weather is so fantastic. Last week the entire club went outside to play and this week we have some great events...

Friday July 25 we are having a Speed Dating Party... We want you to take a look at the outfits our Princeton Ladies are wearing on our website. They are so HOT. HOT. HOT!!! We are definintely ready for some speed dating. This is a Party to let it all loose!!!

Then Saturday one of our favorite Parties is Naughty Nurses... We have some fabulous Nurses at Princeton and they can really be NAUGHTY!!! Just how Naughty? Well come to Princeton this Saturday and find out... But if you get there before 9:30 themed in your uniform, dressed and ready for the Night Shift, then you can take $10 off your door fee.

The Patio is so beautiful with the Spas glistening and the Pool shimmering with lights floating all around. The Roman Beds are set up for you and your friends so get online and tell everyone that you're going to Princeton this weekend and if they want to find you, you'll be on the Patio with all of your admirers...or at the bar with Kevin making some great exotic drinks... Hummm they are sooooooo good.

Kevin says are you tired of the staple drinks? Your rum & coke and your vodka & sprite getting to be a little on the bland side? Well we've come up with a solution to your problem. For a cooling summer twist we has created some watermelon cocktails. Bring your favorite alcohol and watch Kevin whip up some refreshing melon twists to your favorite cocktails.

Watermelon Martini
Anytype of Vodka. I recomend orange or berry flavored vodkas
Frozen Electric Watermelon Lemonaide
Any type of clear alcohol will taste great in our refreshing frozen drink. (vodka or tequila esspecially)

Watermelon Daquiri
Light rum, fun twist on an old classic

Watermelon Mojito
Light rum. This light blending of watermelon and mint will surprize you.

Comfortable Watermelon
Southern Comfort. a sweet and tasty blend of Watermelon, peaches and orange.
Watermelon Wine Cooler
A mix of Kevins famous watermelon juice and white wine creates a delicous spritzer you can sip all night long.

Watermelon Kamakazi Shot
For those of you who love shots. Anytype of vodka blended with watermelon and lime juice create yet another fun twist on a classic shot.

Watermelon Margarita
A flavorful margarita with a sugar sweet rim. Just bring your own tequila.

So you are thinking right about now, should we go or should we sit on the couch....See you this weekend at the Number Lifestyle Club...

Long Live Love...

Life is Good!!!

Kitty & rk

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