Zombie & Mega Halloween Party Updates

Newsletter: Nov 01, 2013

Hello Princeton Pussy Cats!

1 - Day Events

If you scroll to the right of any event, the price is listed for that event or you can scroll to the bottom of the event and click " pay for this even"t and the prices will be listed.

  Friday, Nov 1 the prices are as follows: In Town Couple/$35, Out of Town Couple/$60, Single Female/$5, Single Male/$50   

Sat Nov 2: Standard Couple Pass In-Town and Out of Town/$119, Single Female/$29, Single Male/$75.....
  VIP Couple Pass In-Town and Out of Town/$189,VIP Single Female/$69, VIP Single Male/$175

Bring 3 New Couples, we'll give them the &89/Couple Standard Pass Special and we'll give you a FREE VIP Pass!  If they want to upgrade to VIP it's an additional $100/Couple. 

If you bring cash and you've registered, your check in will speed up the process. 

VIP Entrance on Sat Nov 2 is the Portico/Front entrance.  Please Bring Cash and the check in will be easier and faster for ALL.

Please go to the website for all the details regarding what is included in the VIP Pass....VIP Main Dance Floor Seating would be enough for me to make that decision.  But then again the VIP Show on the second floor feature Morgan Ray & Friends would be a close second.  I can't wait to see Morgan's costume:  it's a Las Vegas Vintage Showgirl Swarovski crystal Naugty Nurse Costume!!!!! Can't Wait!

Friday, Nov 1 we're hosting the Trauma Columbus After-Party Show and the club will be open until 5am.  At 3am the Zombie Gang Bang Show will knock your socks off Many of the Trauma Performers will be at Princeton Trauma After-Party and taking a much needed break so be sure and give them a Warm Princeton Welcome!  Also, please stop by the White Room at Trauma cause we're passing out $10/Person Passes to the Friday Nov 1 Princeton Trauma After-Party.  All you have to do is Tweet, Tweet, Tweet about the Party, show us your Tweet and you are Set!  The Orgasmatron/Grope Room is a Real HIt and you're gonna want to take it for a Spin!

If you have any questions other than "do I have to call for the Shuttle", please do at 614.275.9861.  THE SHUTTLE RUNS CONTINUOUSLY, IT IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE HOTELS SO DON'T CALL THEM EITHER.  Just go to the Hilton Hotel on Jackpot Rd, Gove City, OH and wait with your other Princton Pals and the next thing you know, You're On the Bus!

We've got 2 Halloween Fun Filled Parties and if you make it through both of them, we'll give you a Gold Star!

We've sent out Party Reservation emails to those that have made a reservation.  If you have not gotten your email then we may not have the right email.  Please email Kitty@ClubPrinceton.com if we need to update your profile and get that email to you.

Please do not use the Princeton Fan Club/ Yahoo site to get your info about the club.  Often, the Yahoo messages that I try to send out to the Yahoo group are not posted by the moderator.  Please use the newsletters and the website as your source for PRINCETON CLUB PARTY INFO.

See you soon,


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