Howling at the Moon!

Newsletter: Oct 22, 2013

Halloween Update

Hey, Hey, Hey Black Cat Pussy Kats!

I don't know about you but the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon have been keeping me up at night.  It's been a beautiful Moon Light these past few Nights &  hopefully getting you in the mood to Howl At the Moon and Party All Night At Princeton!

If you remember nothing else, remember to Bring Cash to the Nov 2, Mega Halloween Party!  YOU CAN NOT PRE-PAY FOR ANY PARTY!  We are only accepting credit cards or CASH and we promise cash will get you checked in a whole lot faster.  So....go to the website, make a reservation, we'll send you a detailed email about coming to the Mega Halloween Party, Bring CASH, and we should be able to check you in within 3-5 minutes.  We Promise!

Vivid Entertainment/Phil Varone & Morgan Ray/Live At Princeton DVD Update:  It was a Very Successful Film Party on Saturday, Oct. 5.  The Princeton Members PORN STARS! were absolutely DELICIOUS, about 20 Princeton Members came to the FREE Party and watched as it was being filmed.  The Vivid/Live At Princeton DVD should be available for Sale in January 2014!!!!!!  We Can't Wait! 

Be sure and Stop by the Club this Weekend and Update your Memberships and keep some change in your pocket cause the $99/One-Year/Free Door Pass is NOT Available Halloween Weekend.  Friday we've got a Porn Star Party so you can Dress Up as Your Favorite Porn Star!  And for sure you'll want to Help Out with the Charity Event for our Manager, MaryAnn's Daughter!  Please go to the website for details.   We've got lots of Prizes and Games for your Charity Efforts!  And of course, we'll have the game on so you won't miss one Minute of the OSU Win!

There's something for Everyone this Halloween Weekend.  So if you're on a Budget, then Friday, Nov 1 is Your Ticket:  it's $35/Couple, and we're throwing in a Free Pass to the Live At Princeton Zombie Orgie Show at 3am.  We're the Official Friday, Nov 1 Trauma After-Party and many of the Trauma Staff are heading to this Party and relaxing for the first time that night and that's why the Show is so late (we're open til 5am) and of course, if you're one of the Lucky Trauma Party VIP Bliss Ticket holders, you'll arrive at Princeton via Limo for the Show.  Just don't get toooooo close to those Zombies 'cause they may drag you into the Show!!!!!!  LOL!  One can dream! Be sure and stop by the Princeton Orgasmatron on the Main Stage at Trauma....we're passing out $10 Pass to the After-Party and all you have to do is Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!  

Saturday, Nov 2 is the Mega Halloween Party that we've been planning All Year!  Bring a New Couple, get to the club by 9pm and it's $89/Couple for a Standard Pass.  And if VIP is Your Cup of Tea then you'll have access to the VIP Reserved Dance Floor Seating on the First Floor, VIP Buffet, Free Shuttle to and from the Jackpot Rd/Hilton Inn, entrance to the 1am VIP Show (Morgan Ray and Friends) on the 2nd Floor and if you BRING CASH....a 3-5 minute Check-In!  It's $189/Couple and Worth Every Penny!

DJ Ayo will be playing all your requests on the Main 1st Floor & DJ Johnny P getting the VIP Party started on the 2nd Floor!  PhishPhoto will be in the house taking your pics and giving you a copy right on the spot.  Now Waiting!  These are great pics that you can post on your favorite personal profile. 

Stay tuned for all the Latest & Greatest Mega Halloween News via Twitter/ #CP or @ClubPrinceton1,  the Yahoo Fan Club/TheRealFansOfClubPrinceton, or read this Newsletter.  It's posted on the website, if that's easier to access than your mailbox. 

See you soon,


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