New Yahoo Group/Daisy Dukes/Peek-a-Boo!

Newsletter: Sep 03, 2013

Hey Princeton Pussy Kats!

We are happy to announce that we've started a New Yahoo Group called The Real Fans of Club Princeton!  We started this because we've heard from so many members that they have applied to be a member of the site and the moderator has not approved them.  I myself (Kitty) have tried to post messages about the Live At Princeton Auditions and the upcoming filming of the  Vivid Entertainment Phil Varone DVD series: 100% Swingers: Live At Princeton and have been denied by the moderator to post the message.  And several members have tried to join the group and were denied for no apparent reason or they too have tried to post a message and were denied. So, we hope that the New Yahoo Group, The Real Fans of Club Princeon ( http://www.Groups.Yahoo.Group/TheRealFansOfClubPrinceton ) , will be a place to post messages about your positive club experiences, meet new Princeton Club Members and a place to share your thoughts about different aspects of the LifeStyle.  So, please join ASAP and tell All Your Friends!

We also wanted to update you on the Auditions!  We had 25 people audition and boy were there some Hotties that you're going to enjoy watching on Saturday, Sept. 28th at Midnight during the Finale Performance of the All Day Filming of Vivid's 100% Swingers: Live At Princeton.  And the best part for our Non-Auditioning Club Members is the opprotunity to watch the Platinum VIP Vivid Entertainment/Phil Varone 100% Swingers: Live At Princeton Midngiht Performance on the 2nd Floor...We'll have the cameras pointed at the Performers ONLY and you'll get a chance to tell all your friends that you were in the audience while the Vivid DVD was filmed!  How Awesome is that!!!!  And if your're one of the Lucky Duckies that'll be Performing...think of how fun it's going to be knowing that your Princeton BFFs are enjoying every minute of the Show right along with you.  Sounds like a Win-Win for Everyone!

Friday, Sept. 6 the dress theme is Peek-A-Boo and the debut of Ladies Night Out! The First Friday of Every Month we're throwing a Ladies Night Out Party at the Club.  Our goal is to be the Official Bachelorette/Bachelor Party headQuarters!!!!  This Friday Big Dick Daddy from Cincinnati will be in the house and we promise Ladies you won't want to miss an Inch of Him!  LOL!

We're going to have a lot of Sexy Daisy Dukes running around the club on Saturday and what guy doesn't look Sexy-Hot dressed as a Cow-Boy!  YeeHa!

Spilling Seeds will be Live on the Patio, DJ Ayo will be in the house getting the party started and Sugar Ray will be Painting Anything you want Anywhere you want it!

See ya on the Dance Floor,



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