Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

Newsletter: Aug 27, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey Princeton Buckeyes (and Buckeye Wanna-Bees!),

Everywhere you turn and everything that's coming out of anyone's mouth is OSU Football this Saturday..........GooooooooBucks! This Saturday we've got a Sexy Jocks & Cheerlearder After The Game Tail-Gate Party!!!!!!!!!  And everywhere you turn at the club we've got some Fantastic Performances!  Out on the Patio, Live, it's Spilling Seeds!  They just fininshed opening for Hall & Oats and now that at their Favorite place to Play.  It's a combo show: a comedy routine and kick-ass Acoustics!  Just thingk, sitting under the stars next to all your Princeton Pals and Celebrating the change of seasons. If dancing your ass off is your thing then checking out DJ Phish spinning the latest and greatest on the main dance floor.  DJ Ayo will be making his debut by MCing the Ice-Breaker Game and then at 11:30pm heading up to DJ in the Platinum VIP Club, bringing along All his VIP Fun!

Friday, the first Audition for the upcoming (Sept. 28) Vived Entertainment production featuring Phil Varone's 100% Swingers: Live At Princeton is from 8-11pm (also Sunday, Sept. 1 and Friday Sept. 6) .  And the Best Part is you're going to get to meet Multi-AVN Award Winning Morgan Ray!  The Audition Process is 2EZ and it's FREE!  Go to the website for details.  We have a $10/person Audition Special if you want to stay and play with your Princeton Pussy Kats!  Offer Ends @ 9pm.  Both RK and I will be at the Audition, supporting YOU all the way.   This will be the first time since 2008 that we've attended a party together and we promise that there's one thing you can always count on: FireWorks!  People used to tell us all the time that they's pay just to listen to us banter.  After all, my favorite term of endearment for him is this.....You Mother-Fucking-Cock-Sucking-Son-of-a Bitch!  What can I say, he always bring out the best in me.  LOL!  But don't worry, if things get out of hand, I'll have a Ball-Gag and Whip ready to get things back on track!  And the Best Part about Friday is the Dress Theme: Sexy Lingerie!  OhhhhLaLa!  Even if you aren't going to Audition, stop by to meet Morgan Ray!

If you can't make it on either Friday or Saturday (or you just can't get enough of Princeton), Michelle and Rod will be hosting their debut Sunday, Sept. 1 Glow Party from 7-11pm.  If anyone can get a party started it's Michelle & Rod.  And mark your caledar for their Sunday, Sept 8th Shadow Dancing Contest!!!!!

Friday, Sept. 6 is the Peek-A-Boo Party and boy has that theme been upgraded since it was first all the rage in the 60's....Mrs. Smith in Peek-a-Boo....what's not to like!  Saturday, Sept 7 it's Daisy Dukes....need we say more!

Sugar Ray will be in the house Painting Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want It! 

We've got lots of Specials: Bonnie & Clyde Out of Town Weekend Pass Special for $79, the Midnight Special for $15/Person and $10 Off the Door for Dressing in Theme.

Labor Day Weekend is One of the Best Parties of the Summer and the Midwest!

See ya on the Dance Floor and Good Luck with your Auditions!


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