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Newsletter: Jul 23, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey Princeton Pals,

We've got an Offer You Can't Refuse! 

A FREE MEET & GREET in the VIP Platinum Club from 8-9:30pm both Friday and Saturday!!!!  If you're a Current Princeton Club Member and Love Meeting New Members, this is your Party.  Or, if you're a New Member of the Club and are struggling to meet other Members of the Club, we promised this is the Party for You!  If you've Never been to the Club but are Dreaming of Taking the First Step, This is Your Party!  Just, be sure and send in a free online application and you can try out the Club for FREE from 8-9:30pm....and if you decide that Princeton is your Cup of Tea, we'll give you a FREE One-Day Membership Pass ($25 Value)  and you'll be able to Party the Night Away with your New Meet & Greet Friends !!!!

The Platinum VIP Club re-opens (11pm-5am)  and the band Spilling Seeds ( a Great Acoustic Band and a Comedy Routine all rolled into One Great Performance ) will get the Party Started on Saturday, we promise!  There's lots of comfy sofas and nooks & crannies to get to know your New Princeton Pals Better or to get re-acquainted with your Favorite Princeton Pals ! ! ! 

Also, several members have mentioned that they would be interested in performing at the Live@Princeton Shows that we are developing.  You've said that you would be interested in performing with someone you are attracted to.  Unfortunately, we can not tell the interested member which other interested members are interested because we want to maintain everyone's anonymity.  For instance, one female member is interested in performing with other females ONLY and she has to be attacted to them.  OK, the problem comes in getting you all together.  So, how about this....if you are interested in performing, please approach me at the club, via or a direct message via Twitter ( @ClubPrinceton1).  Also, if you are interested in performing, mention your interests to other Princeton Members that you are attracted to and we can schedule an Audition.  What does an Audition entail, you ask???  LOL!  You will receive a FREE PASS to the club the night of the Audition, you will schedule a time that you will be performing in the Platinum VIP Club and we'll see how it goes.  We won't announce the performance (or we will if you want us to, we will) so that should help with the anxiety of your First Audition for a Live Sex Show Performance.  We are looking for Real Exhibitionists that find this concept Thrilling.  We are not looking for the standard pornography performers where the performers are "Actors" and are not even attracted to their fellow performers.  We want the performance to motivate the audience or  teach the audience (for instance, how to use the Sybian Machine correctly) or whatever other type of performance you are interested in.  We'll limit the FREE PASSES to 6 people (6 Ladies, 3 Couple, 5 Ladies and One Guy, etc).  And yes, the One Guy will think he's died and gone to Heaven and so will the 6 Ladies!!!  LOL!   So schedule your performance with Kitty, and Poof! You're in Exhibitionist Heaven for FREE!

If you've been told that you look like a Sexy Celebrity, then Friday is your night to have some fun and come to the club and Strut Your Sexy Selves!  Let's face it, buy a wig, add some make-up and Poof! You're Marilyn Monroe!  And don't forget that Sexy White Dress and Fuck-Me Heels!  OooLaLa!

Saturday it's the XXX-Mas in July Party and getting ready for the party is 2EZ!  Throw on a Red Bikini, we'll have Santa Hats available to rent or buy and you are Set for a Jolly Good Time!  Celia will be leading the Ice-Breaker Games, DJ Phish will be spinning your Favorite Tunes, Sugar will Paint Anything You Want Anywhere You Want It and Spilling Seeds will be Live in the Platinum VIP Club on Saturday!

And last but certainly not least, many of you have asked me if I'm (Kitty) still renting the party house out.  Yes, I am and I've changed the name to  If you or someone you know may be interested in renting it out, please call/866-605-0499 or send an email to  I used to rent each room to Out of Town Princeton Members and really enjoyed meeting so many of you.  Currently, I rent the house out for $500/24 hours.  The house sleeps 8-10 people.  It's a great place for a group of Out of Towners, OSU Football Out of Town Guests, Wedding Party Out of Towns Guests, Small Weddings, Graduations, etc.  It's 1.6 acres of Olentangy Riverfront property and located in the Clintonville area. I also have it listed on as a Certified Listing.  If you don't know about this site, check it out. 

See ya on the Dance Floor or Live in the Platinum VIP Club,


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