Rendezvous & Pig Roast

Newsletter: Jul 14, 2008

Dear Members,

Naughty Mardi and the Wet T-Shirt Contest were outstanding this weekend... We are going to bring these same parties back before the end of the year... A Special thank you to Classy Ass and Ron who helped us give away all of our beads. And thanks to all of our Naughty Ladies who made Princeton a very Naughty place...

Also thanks for all the responses from our members who wanted to help out one of our members who wanted to get married before her husband to be was shipped out to his military base. We are happy to report that quite a few members are ordained and licensed to conduct marriages and they were married this weekend. So thanks Princeton Members for stepping up to the plate...

Now this week we have alot to talk about.

First... August 15th & 16th weekend is coming up which is the Black and White Affair weekend. Some of you have never been to this party and have no idea how wonderful and crazy this entire weekend gets.

What to wear - well this weekend we had so many people who came up to us asking can I wear this or that, or is this appropriate... Folks the Black and White Party is a dress up party. We want you to kick it up a notch. Guys...Wear your nicest shirt, a sharp pair of pants, or wear a suit or tux. Come on guys dig in the closet and get ready to look sharp. Ladies, I don't have to say much to you because you probably have several outfits you can wear and you are just deciding which one. Well you can always bring several and change into something else during the night.

Second... Tom and Jodi our in house photographers will be on hand to take your picture. Let's face it, you're already dressed up so take advantage of the event and have them take your picture...

Third... There will be three bars open, so there will be plenty of ice and bar tenders... Last year we went threw 1,600lbs of ice. We would suggest that each couple come with one of their smallest coolers and put the coolers out by the pool area where we have lots of shelving set up... The Pool area will be used alot during the evening...

Fourth... Bring an appetite because we have some great food lined up for you and some servers that will be going around with appetizers.

Folks the Black & White Affair is a Party with Class and hundreds of sexy, gorgeous couples and singles that want to have a very fun time. So make it a weekend at Princeton and enjoy the Murder Mystery on Friday August 15th and the Black & White Affair on August 16th... There will be shuttles to the Grove City hotels until 4:00am...

This week is Rendezvous again July 18... Don't you all love all the woman that come to the Rendezvous Party... We love all the practicing the Ladies get before we start the kissing contest... So Ladies get your engines started and get down to Princeton this Friday for Rendezvous!!!

Then Saturday July 19 we are having a Pig Roast on the Patio... So again bring your appetite and tell all of your friends to be at Princeton for the Pig Roast on the Patio...

Love and Kisses,

rk & kitty

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