Did we say Princeton is Smokin HOT

Newsletter: Jul 15, 2013

Dear Members,

Another amazing weekend at Princeton with some of the HOTTEST COUPLES and SINGLE FEMALES we have seen all summer long. We are so thankful for our members coming out during the summer time when there are sooooo many outdoor activities and family obligations... Listen to this...

This past weekend we had 200 people at Princeton on FRIDAY Night!!!  and there were 35 new members on the first floor and 7 at the VIP Club...  That's 42 new people who came to Princeton for the first time.  And yes we hope that this is the beginning of their journey to enjoy the FREEDOM of the LIFESTYLE!!!  But that also means our experienced members should also interacting with all of our NEW MEMBERS to make them feel at HOME and to encourage them to socialize with everyone...  And the Gals from the L3 Party had the Largest Monthly Party ever this past Friday.  Great Job Ladies, Keep it up!!!

TALK, TALK, TALK and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY means everyone is having a great time...  Saturday Night there were soooo many BUNNIES who came out to PLAY at Princeton... And Modern Vamp was there giving away prizes... And Sunday Night we had our largest crowd ever at our Sexy Sunday Party...  You know things are HEATING UP on the Middle weekends...  We are averaging 400 - 500 people every weekend...

So whats on Tap this weekend???  Well we are bringing you FIVE Parties!!!

On Friday Night this week we have The Dating Game on our first floor with our now famous WINE TASTING Event...  And if you think it's just an average run of the mill wine tasting just think again.  Members are really enjoying the WINES that are being presented... 

It's Fun, It's Exciting and It's FREE!!!  A BIG Thank you to John for his love of wine and his commitment to bringing a great event to our Friday Parties.

Then up at the VIP Club we are having our Famous Fetish Foreplay Party.  Now Folks this just isn't your garden type variety Fetish Party...  This is FETISH FOREPLAY!!!  Once a Month we put on a Fetish Foreplay Party with Guilty Pleasures Hosting the Event.  We have been working on this for almost 5 years...  We have a SEXY Bartender, and it is the only Fetish Event where you can bring your favorite drink with you...  The VIP Patio is open with our BIG VIP Hottub and the play areas are always busy with FOREPLAY!!!  So what are you waiting for.  Come to this Fridays event and call all your friends to experience FETISH FOREPLAY.

For all of our Out of Towners who purchase the Out of Town Pass for Friday night as an added BONUS you get to go to both Friday Night Parties.  Two for the price of one...  But that is an Out of Town Special only for Friday Night!!!

Then Saturday we have our Fifty Shades of Gray Mask Party.  Bring your favorite MASK on Saturday Night because we want to excite your senses...  There is something about wearing a MASK and your identity being cloaked!!!  It's a SEXY NIGHT for Princeton Members and MASKS say everything...

Then up at the VIP Club on Saturday there is an AIS Bondage Party.  Yes over 200 AIS Members will be invading the VIP Club and spanking up a storm.  This is a very fun party with some of the action on the VIP Patio as well.  AIS has been coming to Princeton and holding Parties since 2010.   There is NO Alcohol allowed at the VIP Club for this party. 

So if you are coming to the MASK Party on the first floor and want to be a welcomed guests for the AIS Party, please do not bring a drink upstairs.  Please be polite and courteous and do not talk loudly as AIS Masters are hard at work perfecting their scenes...  It is a Fabulous Party, with Bondage being at the top of the list.  Even if you're not personally into Bondage, take it from me, we love to watch and respect the various Lifestyles...  AIS has their own rules, membership and the price of the event is $20 per person.  Many Princeton members will be attending both parties. 

Then finally Sunday we have our Sexy Sunday Party... Yes there is a Buffet of FOOD...  Yes there is a HOT DJ...  And yes there is a Sexy Sunday Bartender...  This Sunday it's a Short Short Shorts Party for the Ladies.  So Ladies come in your Short Shorts.  There will be BBQ happening at the Sunday Party this weekend.  And if you are so inclined, bring your favorite dish and share it with your Princeton Members...  Desserts are a great way to introduce yourself to others...

So there you have it... FIVE FABULOUS PARTIES FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!  Be sure to tell a couple thousand of your friends!!!

Love and Kisses,

RK and the entire Princeton Staff

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