June is sooooo Cool

Newsletter: Jun 14, 2013

Dear Members,

We want to thank everyone who came to Princeton last weekend. We loved seeing you
and are so thankful.

We want to share a MAGICAL Moment with you. As you know we have talked over the
years about being thankful and why it is so important to not only say Thank You
but to feel it on your heart. So listen to this story. Every week on Monday is
laundry day. Not only for the club laundry but my laundry as well. So I enjoy
going to the local laundrymat to do my laundry even though I have a washer and
dryer at the house. The machines are bigger, and the dryers have everything done
in 30 minutes and I like to fold everything when it's hot so when I do get home,
it all goes in the drawers warm. Just something about that.

Anyway my Monday got completely turned around this week along with all the other
days because I have been studying for my real estate continuing education
and my thirty hours is due June 14th which is Friday. So Monday when I normally
do laundry got delayed til Wednesday morning and as soon as I got my laundry in
I got called to do an errand out of town so I called to make sure the laundry
gal would set my stuff aside til Thursday. Well she said no problem and I
promised I'd be in before 1 on Thursday. So I made it to the laundry mat on time
and she brought out the laundry in a hamper and all the clothes were heaped
together and wrinkled and before I dare think a negative thought, I just looked
at her thanked her for helping me and gave her a nice tip for everything. She
was very appreciative.

I started to pull one item out of the hamper at a time and started pressing all
the wrinkles out and started folding and I was feeling in a very thankful mood.
Well after a few more items came out I picked up a shirt and a washed and wadded
up $20 dollar bill fell to the floor from my laundry and I thanked the universe
and went on. Well about a minute later another pair of shorts came out of my
hamper and sure enough another washed and wadded up $20 bill fell to the floor
again. And as I am thanking the universe and saying my thank yous another piece
of laundry came out and another $20 and so on and so forth. At the bottom of
hamper after there was no more laundry there was enough washed and wadded money
to actually pay my real estate licensing renewal fee $135.00. So the moral of the
story is no matter what be thankful. No matter how many people rain on your
parade, smile and in your heart be genuinely thankful. When people ignore you or
are rude or obnoxious don't fall into the trap of getting mad or firing off a
few nasty grams, but just relax and be thankful. If you don't remember the book
I am talking about its called the MAGIC. We have been reading and practicing the
MAGIC for years which is not a religious group or satanic ritual. It's just a
positive reinforcing concept that the more thankful you are the more the
universe wants to give you.

We are so excited to see you this weekend. The storm is over and the club is
open all weekend long. Plus we are featuring an event at princeton that we
have never had before so we can't wait.

Friday June 14th (which by the way is FLAG DAY) we are thinking yeeeehaw.
Because Erin one of our bartenders is Bringing you Cowgirl night. So ladies come
on down to the Triple X Ranch at Princeton and rope that man or lady of yours at
the bar and let Erin bring out the branding iron. We don't want any cattle
rustlers walking off with the stock.

Erin's Cowgirl Party should be alot of fun and there are several people coming
with birthdays so call all your friends and tell me to be there.

Then up at the VIP club we have a lady that will debut her first event at
Princeton, April Reign. April hosts a talk radio show already and she has been
talking to her audience about coming to Princeton's Erotic Naked Poetry Reading.
The show upstairs begins at 8:30 and runs til 10:30. We have a bartender, soft
music and Erotic Poetry being read at the VIP club.

On Saturday night we are celebrating Naught Gras and a lot of June birthdays.
People are coming from all over to enjoy their birthdays this weekend. So call
all your friends and tell them where you are going to be. Plus it's Rk's
Birthday... So it's time to be very very NAUGHTY!!!

Of course when Sunday rolls around we are talking about Sexy Sundays. We opened
in March and each and every Sunday we are open there are a few more people who
have heard something special is happening on Sexy Sundays. Last Sunday we had 60
people attend. Thank you princeton members for coming out and enjoying a
relaxing and sexy Sunday. And thank you to Jay & Neicy who have Hosted this
event. This weekend is no exception. Come out on Father's Day and enjoy Sexy
Sunday at the VIP club.

Thank you for all your Love and Support

Love and Kisses,

Rk and the entire princeton staff

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