Live@Princeton 7pm Friday & Saturday

Newsletter: Jun 13, 2013

Hey Princeton Pussy Kats!

I'm so excited to announce that Casey & Johnny St. Clair (a Very Hot, Hot, Hot Couple) will be back for their 2nd Live@Princeton performace.  They'll be performing both FRIDAY & SATURDAY starting at 7pm.  And until we can meet Critical Mass of viewership...the Show is FREE!  We even have a New Performer that will be making his stay tuned for updates about the performance, to ask the performers to do something you want to watch or to talk to them during the Live@Princeton performance by going to the twitter account @ClubPrinceton1 or by #ClubPrinceton

You can watch the FREE Live@Princeton performance on your computer or your smartphone.  Either way, it takes about 5 minutes to download the FREE phone app and load the info or about 1 minute logging on to the site via your computer.  Please read the instructions below (also listed in the June 30th Event on the website)  and we'll see you on Friday & Saturday at 7pm for the FREE Live@Princeton Pre-Party Show!!!

Computer Logon


choose the ActiveX

type visitor in the user data field

type hello in the password data field


You will see a white blank box that wil change to yellow and then you should see the picture

Mobile Phone App

download the IpCamViewer Basic app by Chou (it MUST be BASIC)

Name is Camera number tbd by your phone

Type is Foscam

Model is F18910W

IP/Host is

HTTP/HTTP    Port is 8090

User is visitor  Pass is hello

hit the Test button and you should be set.  Then hit Save  If you're having trouble, just call the club 614-275-9861 or privately tweet your phone number and we'll give you a call and Bam! Help is on the Way!

It really is 2EZ and we hope you'll be part of the FUN!  This is an INTERACTIVE Performace so the more VIEWERS the MORE FUN WE'LL ALL HAVE! Think of the Bravo show Watch What Happens, we'll even have Drinking Game alert with a particular word.  Tweet what you want the word to be and we'll choose the most suggested word.  Yea!

The camera is currently active and you can watch the deer in the backyard until the show.  The Best time to catch them is dusk and dawn so just go and practice logging on 'cause you won't want to Miss a Minute of the Live Show on Friday and Saturday. 

Live is Good,


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