Members Need a Justice of the Peace/Minister/etc

Newsletter: Jul 10, 2008

Hello Everyone,
Well this is a first..... We had a Couple Member that emailed us and has asked us to send this message out. They want to get married THIS WEEK because he is heading back to NC on Sunday. If anyone can help them out, please email us and we will get you all together. Life Is Good.

Hello Kitty and RK,
This may sound like an odd question to ask, but we will ask it anyway. My fiance and I have been coming to the club periodically over the past year and really enjoy ourselves. We don't get to visit often, only when he is home on leave, he is stationed in North Carolina and only gets home every few months. So in the short time that he is here, we try to fit in some us time and like to come to your club, even if we aren't in the mood for anything more than enjoying a few drinks and relaxing. :) Well we have decided that it is time marry, but we dont have the time to have a ceremony at this time. We plan on having a large ceremony when he retires in 18 months, plenty of time to plan and pay! haha But we would still like to get married now. Trying to find a "Justice of the Peace" is proving difficult and the courthouse ceremonies are booked through September! So we both thought that with the size of the membership at the club, there might be someone who is registered and authorized to perform marriages and we were hoping that you might be able to send an email to the membership and have them contact us if there is anyone who would be able to assist us on such short notice, he returns to NC on Sunday! He and I had talked in the past about having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the club, so this would put a new twist on things! hahaha If this isnt something you are comfortable or able to do, its understandable, but if it is doable, we would certainly appreciate the assistance.

Selina & Brian

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