Bike Night & Beach Party!

Newsletter: May 30, 2013

Hey Biker & Beach Sexy Cats,

We hope you watched the FIRST Live@Princeton Show on Saturday, May 25 at 7pm.  It was a Great Start and several Princeton Club Members let the Performers know that they really enjoyed the Show when they recognized them.  The Performers wore masked, which added to the Fun, but Johnny St. Clair (stage name) did not wear a mask and he was the one that was recognized.  Johnny denied that he was in the show and the member said to him, " You can deny it all you want but I recognize your bald head and the Show Was HOT!!!".  Casey and Johnny St. Clair denied that they performed because they were caught off guard (and won't deny it again ) but said that it was one of the Sexiest Things they've ever done in their 10 yr LifeStyle experience.  The St. Clairs are Out of Town Members and Mona Love is looking for some Sexy Ladies from the Columbus area to perform with on regular basis.   Performing is just like has to work for All involved and no one is going to take one for the team!  Two more Princeton Club Couples are ready to sign up and hopefully we'll be doing the Shows on a regular basis if we can get the right "fit".  If you are interested in becoming a Performer, please call/614-275-9861, email/ or Tweet/@ClubPrinceton1 a direct message.   If you want more details about logging on, go to the Event section of the website.  I'll be posting the Live@Princeton in the Sunday section because the algorithm of the site only allows parties on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  You can watch the Show on your computer or phone and it takes about one minute to set it up.  You can practice logging on at any time because the camera is focused on my backyard where there are about 20 grazing deer.  They recently had their Fawns and they sure are fun to watch.  The best time to catch them is Dusk & Dawn.  I saw my first Fawn of this season at 6:30am on Tuesday and soon they'll be running around the yard like Jumping Beans testing out their new legs.  LOL!

Saturday afternoon, May 25 the Party on the Patio was the largest crowd in its 3 yrs history.  For the first time, members brought steaks and really enjoyed Bright Light.  I'm considering doing either a Saturday or Sunday Party on the Patio (Noon-5pm) as a regular event (weather permitting, of course) once per month.  If you are interested, please let me know via email which day would work best for you so I can get some kind of consensus.  REN will be playing live at Princeton this Saturday from 10pm-Midnight on the Patio.  Band members include Brock, an amazing musician of many degrees and Jenna, a recording artist from Orlando, coming together for some acoustic cover tunes you know and LOVE...Jenna is Sexy and just what the Princeton Doctor ordered!...

This Friday it's Bike Night and any Hot Sexy Guy that comes to the club wearing bike chaps and nothing else (or a thong) gets in FREE!  Offer ends at 9pm cause we want to see you every minute we can, right Ladies???

Saturday it's Beach Party Bingo!!!!  Wear your Sexy Bikinis and soak up the Moonlight listening to Jenna and Brock as you're getting better aquainted with your Princeton Pals!

Mark your calendars for the July 5 & 6 Fourth of July Weekend Fun.  If you all respond with which day you would like to party in the afternoon, I'll post the event.  Bright Light will be back playing on the patio from 10-Midnight on Saturday, July 6 and if you want an afternoon party, I'm sure we could twist their arm to play in the afternoon as well.

See ya on the dance floor,


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