Saturday AfternoonTotally Nude Suntanning

Newsletter: May 22, 2013

Hello Princeton Pussy Cats!

Please stop by the club this Saturday afternoon from Noon til 5pm for the Memorial Day Party on the Patio. It'll be Sunny and 70 Degrees!!! Bright Light will be playing from 1 til 3pm and if enough of you show up, I'm sure we can convince them to keep playing until 5pm. They'll be back that night from 10pm-Midnight. You can't get any better than that....sitting with your Honey on the patio, listening to Great Music, surrounded by your Sexy Princeton Pals, just soaking up the Sun getting a Sexy Totally Nude Tan! We'll have air mattresses, lounge chairs, squirt guns, snacks and mixers. It’s a BYOM (bring your own meat) kinda party and we’ll provide the grill. Cathy will be your VIP Bartender/Hostess and the Unofficial Topless Volleyball Ref! We'll turn the spas to 95 degrees and if you close your eyes, you'll think you're in Margaretville!

Friday Nicole is leading the ice-breaker Clue game and we're sure she's got some Great Places for you to hide your "Clue". Saturday DJ Phish will be rule the dance floor playing All your Favs! Celia will get you on the list for the Princeton Memorial Hole in One Golf Tourney! We'll make getting into a Sand Trap the most fun you've had in a long time and there's nothing better than the feeling of your First Hole in One! OhhhLaLa! Sugar Ray will be in the house painting whatever you want, wherever you want it. And he's added a Princeton Twist. He'll design a custom painted T-Shirt just for YOU!

I am so EXCITED to announce that you'll be able to watch your First Live @ Princeton show this Saturday from 7-8pm. You can watch it from your phone or your computer and we're giving the First Show to you for FREE! Future shows will start at $1/minute. Ladies, if after watching the show, you think that you'd like to be a part this exciting opportunity, please email/, call/614-275-9861 or Tweet a direct message (@ClubPrinceton1 )to me and we'll put you on the schedule! The camera is on from 7am-8pm everyday so go and practice logging into the system. The computer platform is ActivX which is widely used in the industry but is a somewhat finicky program. If you have any trouble logging on, just give me a ringy-dingy and I'll talk you through it. OK, so please go to and use the ActivX login. Type in Visitor for the User and Hello as the Password. It takes a few minutes, there will be a white square that will turn yellow and then you should see a picture of my backyard cause that's where the camera is pointing right now. LOL! Or if you're using your phone, download the app IP Cam Viewer Basic by Robert Chou (FREE). If you're not a techie then call me after you've downloaded the app and we'll get you going in 2 sec. 2EZ! I have approx 20 deer that graze in the back yard so you should be able to see them throughout the day. Dusk and Dawn are the best times to catch them. If I see them in the back yard, I'll send out a Tweet #ClubPrinceton so you can see them and practice logging on before the Show on Saturday at 7pm. My goal with this is to produce Female Porn. I thought that a good start would be to get the Ladies to all chat with each other as you’re getting ready for the club parties and share your fashion secrets, show off what you’re wearing and help the Newbies with what they're going to wear to their First Princeton Party! You all remembers what that was like, right???? LOL! This Saturday the show starts with Body Painting and ends with a Sexy Fashion Show. If you want to be a part of the Fun, use the #ClubPrinceton to Tweet your suggestions on what the Model should or shouldn't wear and chat with everyone that's watching it with you. You'll see her change into many different Sexy Outfits and we need you to Vote on which one she'll wear to the club on Saturday!

And Last but certainly not least we have FREE WEEKEND PASSES for ALL Active Duty Princeton Club Members ( a $110 Value!) We want to Thank You in person so be sure and stop by!

Purchase a Weekend Door Pass for $69 (Standard Passes to Fri & Sat Night) or $110 (Standard Passes to Fri & Sat Night & Sat Afternoon Party on the Patio from Noon til 5pm). Midnight Specials for $15/person. Be sure and go to the website for details.

See ya on the dance floor,

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