Newsletter: May 02, 2013

Hellooooooo Princeton Pussy Kats!

We hope you've been enjoying this Beautiful Midwest Weather! Be sure and save some energy for the 4 parties we've got going this weekend! For all you Newbies, WannaBees, Semi-Professionals and Flat Out Certifiable Swingers you've got to stop by for a Drink on Friday at Callahans ( ) for the Meet & Greet from 9-11pm. Just ask for the Princeton VIP Party and get ready to have a nice relaxed time. We'll be playing an Ice-Breaker Game: Show Us Your Favorite App. I'll be passing out $55/Couple Weekend Passes and Friday $10/Door Passes. And Swinging Singles (Swingles) this becomes a Bar with Benefits! Most of the time you go to a bar with your friends and don't talk to anyone you don't know at the bar. Not so at the Meet & Greet. You'll end up talking to everyone there, we promise! Tweet #CPMeet&Greet a link to your Favorite App and meet some friends before you get to the party. We head on over to the club at 11pm and the night just gets can't go wrong with an Animal Print Party. Let the Wild Kitty in you Out and roar like a Tiger or Prrrrr like a Pretty Little Kitty!

Saturday come to the club with all your Master Accoutrements of whips, restraints, etc and let the Slaves do their Magic! I'm bringing my Kitty Whip that a Member made for me! I treasure it and only use it on Special Occassions! OoooLaLa!

We are so very Sad to Say that Antoinette has said Good-Bye! She has worked at the club for approx 5 years as the manager and bartender and her personal life is so busy with her children and their sports and everyday life. I will miss her dearly and wish her the Best, as I'm sure you do as well. Luckily, Nicole was convinced to come back to the club (she was the hostess from approx 2007-2009) as the bartender so be sure and give her a Warm Princeton Welcome. We Love Nicole and sure You Will 2! Celia is the New Hostess with the Mostess and when she Smiles the whole rooms gets Brighter!

Mark your Calendars for the Party on the Patio Saturday, 25 from Noon til 5pm. The band Bright Light will be performing (they’re the Headliner for the Red, White & Boom July 3 Columbus Party) and you are going to Love, Love, Love these guys. This will be their 3rd Memorial Princeton Party on the Patio appearance and we promise that if you close your eyes you’ll believe your in Margaritaville! Topless V-Ball Tourney starts at 3pm and Ladies don’t worry about Spaulding stamped on your face by some testosterone buck cause we’ll be playing with a beach ball and we can start to practice while we’re in our lounge chairs sipping our Cocktails! We all know how great we are at multi-tasking! Later that evening we’re having the Hole-In-One Tourney that has a Twisted Princeton Twist. You’ll need to look out for the sand Traps cause they’ll suck you in before you know it.

I’ve heard from several of you about your interest in the Live @ Princeton and I was thinking a good way to start this would be a Pre-Party at the Luxury Party House. You’ll be getting ready for the party helping each other get ready with your hair, nails, etc. Trying on each others shoes/clothes and sharing some of your Favorite Things! Sort of like back stage at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! I’m hoping that it could even get to a gang bang sort of level but I didn’t know what to call the gang bang since they’ll only be VaJaJas involved ( Girls Only). If you want to be a part of this, just email, call the club 614-275-9861 or Tweet me a private email @ClubPrinceton1. Tweet your VaJaJa Gang Bang name suggestion and if there’s one already, please share it!

See ya on the Dance Floor,

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