It's Sunny & 60 Degrees This Weekend!

Newsletter: Mar 28, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey Princeton BunnyKats!

It's Officially Spring Pecker Season and impossible to resist it so just give in to it.......and what better party than the Fucking Like Bunnies  on Saturday.  We've got lots of Bunny Ears and we're counting on you to bring the Bunny Tails! Nicole will be teaming you up for the Egg Hunt and she's added a Princeton Twist!  Lucky You!

Friday, it's Nothing Butt Net and the Ice-Breaker Game has lots of rope involved.  All ya have to do is "Show'em the Ropes".  It's March Madness and the games will be on the projector near the fireplace, so you won't miss one minute of the Madness!  Tonight, Thursday at 7:30pm on TBS, the Bucks will be showing the AZ Cats the door and we'll be watching them on Saturday take on the Winner of the Witchita St/ La Salle Game!  Go Bucks!

Friday April 5 from 8-10:30pm I'm hosting a Meet & Greet at Callahans ( ) so be sure and stop by with your friends.  I'll be passing out $10/Person Passes for all New Members.  After the Meet & Greet we'll be heading over to the club for the Nothing Butt Net Ice-Breaker Game and to Celebrate the Buckeye Win!  The Meet & Greet is getting Better every Month and lots of Princeton Members have said how much they've enjoy the get together in a Vanilla Bar so stop by and check it out.  Saturday I'm Celebrating my 29th Birthday (LOL!) and the Theme is an 80s Disco Party so bring on the Big Hair and all the Madonna Slutiness you can handle!  The band Feedback will be Live on the Patio to get the Birthday Party started so be sure and give them a Big Hug!  You all have told me how much you Love Them and they'll be back this Spring & Summer with Party on the Patio the First and Last Weekend of Every Month!

Mark your calendars for the April 26/27  Rubix Cube & Super Heros Parties and the May 4/5 Master/Slave & Animal Kingdom Parties.

Be sure and go to the website for all the Specials and keep some change in your pocket. 

I hope you all enjoy the Spring Sunshine!

See ya on the Dance Floor,


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