Truth or Dare & Antoinette's White Out B-Day Bash

Newsletter: Feb 21, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey Princeton Party Animals,

Friday, the Truth or Dare Kissing Contest always brings out the Best in Everyone and Saturday you'll want to give Antoinette a Big Birthday Wack & Lot's of Birthday Cheer!  Come dressed in Sexy White Out Fashions or enter the Kissing Contest and it's $10 Off the Door. Offers end at 9pm.

Last Friday, a member of the club, Cindy, entered The Blitz's  Perfect Pole Contest and came in 2nd Place.  Congratulations Cindy and to all the Princeton Members that supported her during the Contest!

March 1 & 2 we are the "Official Unofficial" Headquarters for the Arnold Classic Competitors and Fans!!!  They'll be 250,000 people coming to Columbus and we're expecting 500+ for the Tweenie Weenie Bikini Contests.  Captain Bob is bringing his Party Bus from the Cleveland area with a stop or two along the way to pick up more Princeton Party Animals....there's still time to reserve your spot

( )  So "Get on the Bus" ! 
There's lots of Arnold Classic attendees that need a little "Club Princeton Tip" in the right direction and Princeton Members are the Best Club Princeton Marketing Ad! So Share the Princeton Love and let me Thank You with a Free Pass! Just bring an Arnold Classic New Couple that's never been to the club, use your Arnold Classic Tickets as your coupon, get to the club by 9:30pm and Poof!....You get to party at your Favorite Club for FREE ($55 Value) with your New Princeton Pals and it's $30 ($30 Savings), Total for them!  Invite them to the Meet & Greet on Friday March 1 (8:30-10:30pm) at Callahans ( ) just walking distance from the Convention Center so just mention the Princeton Meet & Greet to the door staff.  We have our own room and lots of yummy snacks to get the party started. Tweet #CPBikini for updates, what your wearing or who you want to meet at the party and Poof! you're having the time of your life at Club Princeton!  Be sure and go to the website Event section for all our Specials, Tweet#s, Dress Themes & Prizes!

Mark your calendars for the Nothing Butt Net Party Friday, March 29 and the Fucking Like Bunnies Party on Saturday, March 30.  April 6th is Kitty's Final Four March Madness Birthday Bash!  Lots of Games, Balloons & Boobies! and a little something for Everyone!

See ya on the Dance Floor,


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