Nuts&Boltz and PimpsNHos Costume Party

Newsletter: Jan 31, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey...Princeton Pimps-N-Hos,

As I've told many of you, Princeton Members are the Best Advertisement!  And this weekend, I'm asking for your help from the Princeton Members that are heading to the Sexapalooza event.  You'll be surrounded by many people that have never attended a party at Club Princeton and just need "a little nudge in the right direction".  Just bring a New Couple that has never been to the club before and I'll give you a FREE PASS and your New Friends will pay only $30, Total !!!!! The Sexapalooza Special Offer ends at 9:30pm. Just present your Sexapoolza Tickets and keep some change in your pocket!  If you meet them after 9:30pm, you can always use the Midnight Special for $30/Couple, Total !!! I'll be at Sexapalooza Saturday afternoon and will be Tweeting #CPSex.  So Tweet me about your Favorite Palooza Thing or Your New Palooza Friends that'll be coming to the club!  2EZ!

Friday the Nuts & Boltz Party is a Great Ice-Breaker and an easy way to Meet some Great Princeton Pals.  Saturday is the Pimp-N-Ho Costume Party!  It's soooooo much Fun and we're adding Beads in honor of the Super Bowl !!!!  We're Celebrating 5 Birthdays on Saturday and the Group Lap Dance on the Stage will be something you won't forget! We Promise!

Mark your calendar for the Teenie Weenie Bikini Party March 1 & 2 when 250,000 Arnold Classic competitors and fans come to Columbus! There's lots of Arnold Classic attendees that need a little "Club Princeton Tip" in the right direction and as I said, You are the Best Club Princeton Marketing Ad!  So Share the Princeton Love and let me Thank You with a Free Pass! Just bring a New Couple that's never been to the club, use your Arnold Classic Tickets as your coupon, get to the club by 9:30pm and Poof!....You get to party at your Favorite Club for FREE with your New Princeton Pals and they'll only pay $30, Total!  Just Blink and March will be here!

It's going to Hot, Hot, Hot this Weekend at the Best Club in the Midwest!

See ya on the Dance Floor,


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