Booty Call & Ho, Ho, Ho Fashion Show

Newsletter: Nov 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Kats!

The weather has been AWESOME! and this weekend it's supposed to be in the 60s and SUNNY!  Hopefully, you've been enjoying the same!

We need your help to help our Neighbors! As you know, the Club is located in a very financially depressed area of Columbus. Several blocks from the Club is the Oldest Community Center in Columbus, The Gladden House ( ) For the past 8 years The Princeton Club has donated money at this time to Gladden and this year Antoinette (Bartender, Manager, Chief Bottle Washer, etc) stepped up to the plate and organized this years Food Drive. Please either donate MONEY or go to the website for the requested food items that are needed to make someone's holiday a lot brighter.

Please give Pamela & Tracey a warm Princeton Welcome.  They'll be the Hostessess with the Mostesses this weekend with Great Ice-Breaker Games, The Fashion Show, The Scavanger Hunt (we just added it to the Saturday party program, lol) and a new game....The Princeton Power Ball!  So be sure and Tweet about the parties using #cpBootyCall, #cpHoHoHoparty, #cpNYEparty....and you can meet Princeton Pals before you get to the party and if you didn't get their contact info from your new pals at the party, you can still find them with the hashtag.  

The Holidays seem to bring out a little Love in All of Us and Sometimes It's hard to ask for Exactly What Ya Tonight We're Going to have a Booty Call Contest. We'll have a notepad for you to Write Your Bootie Call Letter to Santa and Tell Him Exactly What You Want! LOL! You'll be surrounded by your Princeton Pals that're Secret Santa Helpers so Help Santa Give You EXACTLY WHAT YA WANT! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK! We'll be reading the Booty Calls throughout the night and the Funniest Caller will Win a Free Friday Pass (12-28-12 VIP Pass). And those Secret Santa Helpers will be Listening to your Every Word so be Careful What You Ask For...You Just Might Get It!!!!

Saturday it's the Ho, Ho, Ho Fashion Show! It's a Fun Way to Start the Holiday Season and 4 Lucky Ladies will walk away with NYE Passes ($99 Value).  2EZ!  It's a Win-Win for Everyone 'cause we can't wait to see All the Sexy, Naughty Ho, Ho, Hos!

Mark your calendars for the 2012 NYE Bling It! Party.  Please Tweet #cpNYEparty for the latest and greatest news and we'll be playing some games and passing out Twitter FREE NYE PASSES!!!!!  Most importantly, make your NYE Hotel (and babysitter) Reservations NOW!!!!  Blink and NYE will be here!

We've got lots of Special Offers so you can keep some change in your pocket (or donate that extra cash to Gladden House!), so be sure and go to the website for all the Special Offer Details!  

Take some time for yourself before the Holiday Rush and have some FUN!

See ya on the dance floor,


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