Go Bucks! 80's ThrowBack & Think Pink!

Newsletter: Nov 21, 2012

Hey Princeton PussyBucks!

Even before we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, we MUST wish the Bucks the Best this Saturday!  O-H...I-O!  Go Bucks, Beat Michigan!

OK, now let's get back to Thanksgiving!  We wish you the best as you travel near or far this Thanksgiving and want to join you in spirit as you Appreciating All Your Blessing! We are One Planet, One People!

Friday we've got an 80's ThrowBack Party that is so Fun just getting ready for it with the Big 80's Hair & FishNets!  Saturday, Pink it Out and Celebrate the Buckeye Win @ your Favorite Club!

Be sure and go to our website for details about the Out of Town Weekend Pass for $79/Couple, Total ($41 Value) or the Midnight Special for $15/Person ($50 Value).  

Mark your Calendar for the Ho, Ho, Ho Fashion Show Saturday, Dec. 1 and the Booty Call Party on Friday, Nov 30.  I've already posted my Booty Call (#CPBootyCall) on Twitter so everyone just start posting your Booty Call.  Be Careful What You Ask For...You Just Might Get It!

Last but certainly not least we are having a food drive for the Gladden House (it's the oldest community center in the city) that is blocks from the club.  Many times when you drive by Gladden during the day, you will see a line of people stretched around the block. The short west side of the city has been notorious for poverty, homelessness and no developement because of the 100-Year Flood zoning.  We need your Help!  For the next 2 weekends, please donate money or products (please see list in the Event section of the website) and we'll give you a raffle ticket for each item you bring to the club that is worth at least $1.  At Midnight of each party, we'll draw a Winning Ticket for either the Fri or Sat Pre-NYE Bling It Party Dec 28 or 29 ($60 Value).  Just drop your items or CASH (hey it speaks louder than words!) at the Bar and Antoinette will exchange your donation to raffle tickets & she'll wish you Good Luck! ( 1 Raffle Ticket = $1 or $1 worth of requested items listed on the website).  We need your help to help others and we Greatly Appreciate Whatever You Have To Give!

If you missed Jimmy Kimmel and his skit on searching his Ancetry with his Father, Aunt Chippy & Cousin, try to find it on YouTube....it was hilarious.  Jimmy asked what it would cost to have a family member removed from the Ancestry...LOL!  We all know of a relative we'd like to remove but guess what ...they're a part of you & you're a part of them. Just take a deep breath, leave the room and Thank God For All You Appreciate In Your Life.  It really is that Simple! 2EZ!  And think...I'll be at Club Princeton in 48 hours Tops!

Columbus is Rocking this Weekend, Go Buck!

See ya on the Dance Floor,


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