Four Parties this Weekend at Princeton

Newsletter: Oct 12, 2012

Dear Members,

I think by now you all know I am a little partial to the parties that we throw at Princeton but this weekend are some of my favorite...

Friday we have a White Shirt Party... So Ladies rummage through your partners closet and find one of his white shirts and let's get ready... It's always a great night out at Princeton for the White Shirt Party.  That's on the Main Floor...

The L3 Party on the second floor at the VIP Club is Hosting their Ghost and Gobbin Halloween Pary so if your sexy, Hot and love to mingle with some of the Lucky Luscious Ladies, then this Party is for you...

Then Saturday Night it is Naughty Gras with beads flying everywhere.  Bring your mask, your beads and your party shoes because it will be a great night out... Naughty Gras at Princeton is heaven on earth...

At the VIP Club on the second floor we have AIS who are featuring new play areas that are so kink friendly... AIS is having a BDSM Party so bring your leathers and get ready to meet a few hundred of your friends...  Yes you can join their club on Saturday night, no alcohol at this BDSM Party... So what are you waiting for...

Call all your friends and tell em 4 parties at Princeton this weekend.

There is not another Club in the country that puts on 4 parties a weekend.  FUN for the whole family...haha

By the way we had a reporter in from New York a few weeks ago and here is the finished product...

Enjoy what everyone had to say...  And if you would like to tell others about your experience in the swinging lifestyle Princeton is opening the CLub for a Special Party Wednesday October 31st when a film crew from A & E will be coming to film the new series of Swingers featuring a couple from Cincinnati...  Yes, they selected Princeton as the Club to go to and the film crew will be here Wednesday October 31st.  And guess where you will be...  At Princeton for a night in costumes... What could be better than Princeton and a few hundred of your friends, where you can tell others all about your fabulous experiences in hte lifestyle...

So get on the horn and tell everyone you can come in costume on Wednesday October 31st and meet the newest Swinger Reality Couple and join in on all the fun...  That Party is priced at only $50 per couple.  And we do want Couples from all over the country to come in and pipe in... After all this could be your lucky night... A Star is Born!!!

Love and Kisses,

RKand the entire Princeton Staff

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