Our Anniversary and Beyond

Newsletter: Sep 18, 2012


Dear Members,

This weekend we are going to be celebrating the Anniversary of one of the best Lifestyle Clubs in the country. Both Kitty and I have invested 9 1/2 years from free design work, free labor, Hundreds of Thousands of dollars that we both took out of our retirement funds to build a fabulous facility full of love and respect. And yes it has been a labor of love.

I personally love the members, can't wait to see them each and every week and love to hear all about their lives and stories. The staff is great and I love working with them.

What has happened to me is I thoroughly do not enjoy working with Kitty any longer and have tried for many years to work out a fair and equitable way for us to go our separate ways. Each time I try, there are no positive results. Recently I sent her an opportunity to pick our future. Either she could run the entire show and at the end of four months if everything was running smoothly I would agree to extend her total authority for a year. And I would stay but not be involved in the day to day operations. Or she could decide to let me run the entire operation and she could stay home. Either way, I said Kitty, you decide. It's up to you. I am going to let you pick our future... Well at first she seemed very positive and I truly believed we were going to get somewhere this time, and one of us was going to retire. And the other person was going to be totally in charge. Well something happened and she has not responded. In fact she refuses to make a decision because no matter which decision she makes, there is a consequence...

And because I do not want to work with her any longer, and she refuses to move forward on a final decision, we are in stalemate. Well it's not all bad. It just means I have to go in another direction.

First and Foremost, the club is in the best position it has ever been in. The Members support the Club and the Club has been well maintained over the past 8 years. There are more people coming to Princeton than ever before. Inactive members who have been out of the Club scene are returning. Younger people are flocking to Princeton because they are looking for the excitement and want to mingle with other like minded individuals. And the Staff does a great job making sure the club is clean and presentable throughout the night...

So no matter what the Club is going to be here this year, and next year and for the foreseeable future... We are going to find a new owner or new owners and my partnership with Kitty will come to a close which is what I want to happen.

And that direction is taking place.This move has nothing to with any member, or I am tired, or I don't enjoy it this any more... It has to do with only one issue. I just don't want to work with Kitty. It's a personal preference.

So a few days ago I posted an ad on craigslist about selling the club. Do I think someone is going to step up to the plate in five minutes and buy Princeton, no. But I do believe there is someone or a few someone's out there who might be able to buy the business and sign a long term lease for the building or buy the building as well, so yes. And unless I start to send the message out there, I am going to be in this stalemate with Kitty way too long.

The Club is going to operate this weekend, next weekend and into the future and all I am doing is looking for that right person or group that wants to take Princeton to the next level. I am ready. I want Princeton to fly better than ever. I am not giving up on Princeton, I am helping Princeton move forward.

Will you help me?

When we first got started I can remember all these couples coming up to both Kitty and I and telling us that they have traveled all over the world and that Princeton is the very best club in the country. So we said, Great... Be sure to tell all your friends. And just about every single couple said the same thing... "Oh NO, we can't tell anyone about Princeton, because... and besides the club is so nice we want it all to ourselves". You can imagine Kitty and I looking at each other saying, boy is this going to be a long road. And it has been a wonderful long road with so so many of you..

Well that was 8 years ago, and Princeton finally has over 100,000 people who have been to our facility and know what a great place it is and a lot of people are talking about what great members we have... So we are truly blessed... And we have taken Princeton to a place where the club is not only going to survive but it is going to soar to new heights.

I want to work with other Club owners and Clubs around the country and to help design and build some truly beautiful and mystical clubs that will compliment the work I started here. And yes I want to stay close to Princeton and the members. I don't want anyone laying blame or fault to Kitty about this, I just want the club to move forward and I believe the best way to do that is to permanently change the ownership personalities...

Anyway, I want to see a couple thousand of my friends, members, and lifestylers this weekend. Its our Anniversary and we have so much to be thankful for... So be thankful in your heart, that Princeton has thrived for 8 years and we are starting our Ninth year in business with so much hope and promise.

I love you all. Can't wait to see you this weekend... And be sure to bring a funny story with you that we can all enjoy... And yes someone is retiring this weekend...

Love and Kisses... RK

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