$100 Gladden House Donation/Casting Call

Newsletter: Sep 02, 2012

Hey Princeton Pussy Cats!

I forgot to mention of few things in the last newsletter that are very near and dear to my heart......Mary's Love Wrestling brought in $100 of Gladden House  Donations!!!!  Kenny Won the Labor Day VIP Weekend Pass by first being tossed into the icee Cold Water (he's asked for a Shrinkage Disclaimer, LOL) and then getting out of the pool stipping Butt ASS Naked, jumping back in the pool and Wrestling both Mary & Shante!!!!  Instant FUN, just ADD WATER!

The Director and Crew of the upcoming film, Deviant Desire, was in the house answering questions and scheduling casting calls ( 10 members signed up) for 2nd Casting Call on Sept 22.  Please go to the website Event section to read about the Casting Call details.  I'm signing up as an extra and will be at the casting call so if ya need a little support, I got your back!!!  All filming will be done during NON-CLUB hours and we'll keep you informed as we go along.  As Melissa said to Teresa on the Real Housewives of NJ, "there's nothing like a porn movie to get your career going".  LOL!  
And if you'd like to make a financial contribution you can via http://tilt.tc/HXVy    

Marie from SDC is sending Princeton some Love with a Super September Special!!!  

Swingers Date Club

SDC excited to extend a very special Hot Deal to all our Club Princeston members. For the entire month of September 2012, SDC.com is offering our members a complimentary Lifetime Membership to their website, a $200 Value. FREE! All you need to do is CLICK HERE. Create a profile and it will automatically become a Lifetime Membership. FREE! SDC.com is the Largest International Lifestyle Website in the world. Tons of gorgeous members for you to check out, and you will find our own ClubPrinceston community and parties listed in the Parties & Clubs section of the site. Remember to add yourselves to our guest lists for every event posted for Club Princeston.  Don’t forget to join the ClubPrinceston community and see you there! 

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer!
Life Is Good,



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