The Truth

Newsletter: Aug 07, 2012

Dear Members,

A word to my Michigan Friends... Since I was young I have been going to Michigan to visit friends and I love it there.  I have hundreds of Michigan friends.  No one messes with anyones cars in our secure lot especially if they are from Michigan, or Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia... or anywhere for that matter.

Let me tell you a story about New Years Eve a few years ago.  That night I was scheduled to come late and I arrived about 10 and the party was definitely started.  When I got inside the club a group of friends of mine from Michigan were just checking in and one of them was wearing a pair of jeans and Kitty was telling him he couldn't get in the club that night because New Years Eve is a dress up night and jeans that night are a no no...So Gary looks at me and says, well I guess I have to go back to the Hotel and get some dress pants on...

I said what for Gary, you can have my Tuxedo pants, just be sure to give them back on your way out tonight.  So I took off my pants in the middle of the everyone getting checked in on one of the busiest nights of the year, so my Michigan friend wouldn't have to leave.

So if you understand that, you understand that you get it when I say nothing is going to happen to your car at Princeton...

By the way, do you know what happens to a guy who takes off his tuxedo pants on New Years Eve about 10pm at night... I can tell you a whole lot of Ladies couldn't keep their hands off me... Wasn't that terrible of them... I think someone needs a spanking somewhere.

Be sure to tell a couple thousand of your friends where you'll be this weekend... The Black White Party is the sexiest, dress up party of the year... You want to experience this because everyone talks about the Black White ALL YEAR LONG!

I'll have my tuxedo on waiting to see you step through the door... The world is waiting for this weekend to unfold because our members look like a MILLION BUCKS... And No Jeans this Saturday Night. 

Please make your arrangements and get to Princeton and make it a MEGA PARTY!!!  By the way a Special Thanks to all the Ladies that groped me that New Years Eve... You deserve a medal...

Love and Kisses,

Your Commander and Chief... RK




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