Pink It Out & SexMas in July!

Newsletter: Jul 25, 2012

Hello Kool Kitties!

Friday it's the Pink Party and Saturday Sexmas in July! Friday we'll have the Olympic Opening Ceremony on the Fireplace Projector and the dress theme is 2EZ! Everyone Look Great in Pink and we'll have some Santa hats to get ya in the mood. On Saturday we'll be playing a really cool Pheromone Game. Women find the scent of men with opposite immune genes as their own to be attractive and Men find women who are ovulating very attractive. Let your nose do all the work and lead you to a Scentastic Time!!!! Go to the website for details and join the Fun!

We've created an All Nude Room in the club and we're sure you're gonna LOVE IT! The room opens at MidNight and you MUST be NUDE! So if ya Can't Run with the Big Dogs....stay on the Porch!

Aug 3 is the 80s Throw Back Party & we can't wait to see all the Big Hair and Trashy Outfits! If ya need some ideas the Housewives of Orange County 80s episode is a great place to start! The Hair!!!!
Saturday Aug 4 is the MidSummer Night's Dream Party so bring on the Sexy Summer Lingerie and play the Summer Night Away!

Bright Lights will be on the Patio playing your favorite Summer Tunes, DJ Phish will be spinning on the Dance Floor and Sugar Ray will be in the house Painting Anything You Want....Anywhere You Want It.

For All you Out of Town Bonnie & Clydes looking for a New Weekend HangOut we got a $79 Weekend Pass ($41 Value). While you're in town you might want to check out the Dining Specials ($15-$35 per person) going on all over the city ( ) The featured restaurants are some of the Best in the City!

It's a MidNight Special Offer you can't refuse..... $15/Person (Standard Door Pass) & if you bring a New Couple that's never been to the club before, it's $15/Person for them, too ($50 Value). The Offer starts @ MidNight! And we want to Thank You with a Free Friday Door Pass ($35-$60 Value). Please go to our website for All our Special Offers and keep some change in your pocket.

It's Summer in the City & we hope you're enjoying every minute!
See ya on the Dance Floor,

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