It's Summertime and we like it HOT

Newsletter: Jul 11, 2012

Dear Members,

We hope you all are having a blast this summer.  Spending time with the family, cooking out, taking time out for friends, hoping your electricity stays on...

Speaking of electricity you probably know that for the past two weeks the summer storms that whipped through the area with high winds and rain caused the power to go out.  So we are ready to make sure that everyone coming to the Club this weekend has a fantastic time.

This weekend we are having 4 parties...

On the Main Floor we are having "Bite Me Tonight" in honor of the normal paranormal kind of things that go on for a Friday the 13th evening.  So be sure to come with your fangs and bite me tonight...

At the VIP Club the L3 Girls are having a Sex on the Beach party... Now that's spells FUN in any language...

Then on Saturday night we are having a ball dressing in black and playing around with Pandora's Box... You know it is a BOX kind of Party.  So if you like to play with a BOX, your box, or their box or anyone's box, then this party is for you...

Then up on the second floor at the VIP Club we have our friends at AIS coming to play... It's a Bondage kind of Thing...  So if you are interested in watching, or playing remember AIS wants you to be respectful and quiet in their play areas... 

So are you ready to PARTYYYYYYY!!!  We are ready and we are so thankful for each and everyone one of you...

Speaking of Thankful, I have been reading a a great book called "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne lately and she is quite impressive when it comes to her Magic Words...  If you are interested in having a Magical Life, read the book.  I love it...  Come by me this weekend because I have some Magical Dust I would like to sprinkle on you.

Love and Kisses,

RK and the Princeton Staff


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