Friday Bike Night & Saturday ABC Party!

Newsletter: Jul 06, 2012

Hey Cool Kitties!

Hallelujah the Cold Front is on it's Way! But Tonight we promise the Bike Night Heat is just what the Doctor Ordered! I'm Offering all Guys a FREE DOOR PASS if they show up in their Chaps and nothing else! OhhhhLaLa! We can't wait, can we Ladies! Be sure and park your Bike on the's a Chick Magnet that's 2EZ! Saturday it's the ABC (Anything Butt Clothes) Party with a 4th of July Themed Twist. Just go through some of your 4th themed paper table clothes, napkins, etc and get your ABC Look together ,or....just bring what you think might work and your Princeton Pals will give you a hand (anywhere you want it, LOL!). It's a Fun IceBreaker!

If sitting out under the stars is your thing than you're going to really Love, Love, Love Bright Lights Live on the Patio. They can play anything and they added some jokes to their gig....last week a member got up and played tamborine with them. They are Heavenly! Sugar Ray will be in the House Painting anything you want, anywhere you want it.... He truly is an Artist!

We'll be open til 5am if at least 40 people sign up to be sure and tell all your 5am friends to join you at the club this Saturday if you want to Howl at the Moon all Night!

Mark your calendar for the July 27 Pink It Out Party and Saturday, July 28 SexMus in July Party. Mr & Mrs Clause will be in the house and on Vacation. They're looking for Naughty Poster Kids and they heard that Princeton is the Place where all Naughty Boys and Girls Hang Out! Be sure and Sit on Santa's Lap for an OhhhLaLa Good Time!

We've got Special Offers for dressing in theme ($10 Value), bringing a new couple to the club ($105 Value, the New Couple is FREE and your door is 50% Off) and for all our Out of Town Bonnie and Clyde Members that need a New Hideout, we've got a Weekend Getaway for $79, Total! Be sure and go to the website for details and keep some change in your pocket.

Count down...only 9 hours til the club opens & you're playing with all your Princeton Pals and sipping your Favorite Cool Beverage!

See ya on the Dance Floor,

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