We've Got aLota Sexy Relief from the Heat!

Newsletter: Jun 28, 2012

Hey PussyKats!

This Weekend we're Celebrating America's Freedom!!!! And I'm offering All Active Duty Princeton Club Members a Special VIP Thank You Weekend Pass. Just bring your Active Duty verification and the Party is on the House! Thank You for all you do for Everyone's Freedom! If you have a Couple Pass and only one is Active Duty, I consider you Both Active Duty and am looking forward to personallly Thanking You Both. And the Best Part is...we're having a Group Lap Dance in Your Honor! We Promise You'll Never Forget It! Please Pass this info on to All your Princeton Club Active Duty Members.

Friday we've got a Boy Shorts Contest that'll knock your Flip-Flops Off! Saturday it's the Take No Prisoners 4th of July Party! The theme is Camo and all we have to say is OoooLaLa! Men with no shirts....women with short Camo skirts. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? Joel Gohrer will be Live on the Patio helping you to get in the mood. We've got fans to cool you off and a sky full of stars to help you sit back and enjoy your sexual freedom at your Favorite Club in the Universe!

And after you recover from the Red, White & BOOM on Wednesday! ride your Bike to the Club for the Friday, Aug 3 Bike Night! You can park it on the patio and make it a Chick Magnet! It's even better than a puppy! Saturday, back by popular demand, it's the ABC Party! Anything But Clothes (ABC) is a Fun Party and we've decided that you could use a few of your 4th of July themed table clothes, DuckTape and Stars & Stripes from your 4th Wednesday Party. So...the ABC Party is Red, White & Blue Themed. If you need a little help from your Princeton Pals, just bring what you think might work and we'll all give it a Princeton Twist.2EZ

We've got a Great Weekend Special for $79/Couple ($41 Value) & Party Theme Outfits Specials. Just go to the website for details and keep some change in your pocket!

Friday July 13 I'll be on the Real Talk Sexpose ( www. TalkTainmentRadio.com) at 10pm. Call in with any LifeStyle Comment or Question at 877-932-9766.

And...I've got a Contest and it involves Square. It 's a new way to use your credit card to pay for a party and you don't even have to get your card out of your purse or wallet. Register your charge card at www.SquareUp.com and be the first member to make the Princeton Club one of your Favs and pay online. The Winner gets a Free Aug 3 Party Pass ($60 Value). We're hoping it's going to make it a little easier to check in.

We Wish You a Happy, Healthy, Freedom Filled 4th of July! We'll see you this Weekend for the Best Pre-July 4th Party in the Midwest!

See ya on the Dance Floor!

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