Kissing Contest @ Dom Natural's B-Day

Newsletter: Apr 26, 2012

Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone!

Can we all agree that the Weather is Fabulous!!!! We've all been Busy as Beavers cleaning house!!!!! It's a Fun Time of the year watching the flowers bloom and the BBQ flaming!

The Club's going to be hot this weekend with the Thongs Gone Wild on Friday and the Kissing Contest on Saturday. And we promise that you'll meet more women than you can handle if you Get In the Contest!

Friday and Saturday Black Cherry & MaximusXXX will be performing Live @ Princeton. It's VIP Baby and we promise you won't be disappointed. We have two people that will be Auditioning and we'll need your feedback. They both are "Virgins" so it's your job to Pop their Cherry! It's soooooo.......Much Fun! Check out the details and if you think that performing is something that you want to check off your bucket list.....go to the website and read the details. We'd love to film YOU and no one would ever know it was you. Yes, Mrs. Smith I'm talking to YOU!

Friday, May 4th it's the Pink Party and Saturday May 5th Dom Natural is Celebrating her Birthday & bringing in her Subs from all over the Country. What's Not to Like???? We've got a surprise for her and we're sure she'll be breaking in the new equipment we've added to the Pool/Body Shot Table. Can you say "Whips and Chains"?????? She Can!

News Flash Everyone! Mark your calendars for the Memorial Day Weekend at the Club. Saturday, May 26th the Bright Lights Band will be playing on the patio at Noon! It's a Nude Sun Tanning Party in the afternoon and we promise you'll have the Best Time! It'll be a Hedo in Ohio kinda the words of Tammy & Tim from the 2011 Nude Sun Tanning Event. They fell in love with Bright Lights, tanning in the nude and the friends they met. It's a Great Time and we promise you'll forget you're in Ohio. Soon, we'll even get some nude water boys to take care of your Every Need! A VIP sorta Thang!

And if you want to keep some change in your pocket visit our website.  I'm offering a Friends Fly for FREE valued at $80.  We can't wait to meet your New Friends!  Dress in theme and there's always a Special Offer!  

Life Is Good,

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