Great Weekend for friends & May 3rd

Newsletter: Apr 11, 2012

Dear Members,

This is a GREAT Weekend to spend with friends at Princeton.

This Friday we have two Friday the 13th Parties...

Vampire Chicks come on out with your fangs dressed in black and red and have some fun with your friends on our main floor...

Or are you a L3 Lucky Luscious Ladies partygoer???  Well it's Friday the 13th so come on down and play upstairs in the VIP Club...

All the Hot Tubs are on and it's time to get your dancing shoes on...

Then Saturday we are having a FIRST Party(F____ IRS Tonight).  So call your friends and let's PARTEE.  5 Hot Tubs, Two Patios, 69 play areas....

No one does it better!!!

Just a Special Note...  May 3rd is right around the corner and there is a Charity Event... Yesterday April 10th was the fifth anniversary of Christy's (My Daughter) from Brain Cancer and we have been raising money for women's Charities ever since. 

Some of you have asked how you can help and I want to direct you to her website where you can read about what we are doing.  I really could use your help!

This year I am adding a personal gift to you for helping.  For all members who purchase a ticket to the event, I will give you a Saturday Night May 12th PASS to the Princeton Club for you and your partner to enjoy.  I would love for 500 people to participate.  Make my year by donating to this wonderful Charity and get a FREE Saturday Night Pass from me personally.  Last year we raised over $33,000 for Charity and every single penny was used to help the Community.  There will be a Silent Auction as well so if you have a product or service that you would like to donate, please contact Katrina Levy Zidel 614-989-6995. 


Now the fabulous NEWS...  Ryan Haber a famous Shoe Designer (Designed a Shoe for Carrie Underwood) is flying into Columbus with 46 pair of women's shoes for the event.  He is unbelievable.  Paris Hilton is signing and donating 2 Pair of shoes, so is Michelle Pfeifer, Kathy Bates, Candy Lauper, Monica Day will be the Emcee of the Event, Andrea Cambern is donating a pair of signed Shoes, even Olympic Champion Joe Green (92' & 96') will be on hand...

And you can be help us by donating a product or service, be a Contributing Sponsor and buying tickets to the event, and in the end get a FREE PASS to Princeton for May 12th for participating...


All the Food has been donated by the largest and smallest Restaurants in Central Ohio, all the Liquor and Wine has been donated, the 100 volunteers that will be models and servers, the Shoe Designers have donated their time and money to fly in for the event, The Hotels have provided free rooms, and of course we need you to help as well...


We want to raise $50,000 through ticket sales, sponsorships, and the silent auction and it takes a lot of people to get to that kind of a gift for the Community.  So please get involved and help us reach our GOAL!!! And of course, I will be at the May 3rd Event and at the Club on Saturday May 12th welcoming you with your FREE PASS and personally thanking you for helping the Community and supporting WOMEN.


Love and Kisses,



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