Kitty's B-Day Bunny Bash & Live @ Princeton

Newsletter: Apr 05, 2012

Hey KittyKats!

Hopefully, you've been enjoying this Beautiful, Sunny Weather!!!!!

We've got Easter Egg Hunts, Birthday Lap Dances and Live @ Princeton going on at the club this weekend. Friday Maria is Celebrating her Dirty 30 Birthday & Saturday it's Kitty's Birthday Bunny Bash! I (Kitty) wanted something special that I could share with my Princeton Pals and decided that it was time for a dream to come true with .....Live @ Princeton. We'll be broadcasting Live Porn via the 2nd Floor VIP Club starting at Midnight on Saturday! Max & Black Cherry will be playing with their Love Slave and I'll be videographing the Live Show Toplessly! Hey, it's my Birthday and I wanted to have some Fun, too! Wait til you see these Sexy Kittens as they play together with some of your favorite Princeton Toys: Sybian Motorcycle, Bondage Cross, the Swing & lots of other Toys you may want to get to know better after you've seen these Sexy Kittens Playing with them! I'm going to be broadcasting Live Porn the First & Last Weekend of Every Month in the VIP Kit Kat Klub on the 2nd Floor! Go to the Event section of the website for more info & get the link to the Live @ Princeton Fun! This is an opportunity for members that can't make it to the party but want to "virtually attend" the party. Or, if you're at the club & want to watch Live Porn in the comfort of a Private VIP Room, then we'll get you set for a Voyuer VIP Night! And the best part is is that you can direct the porn with requests and Bam! Instant Gratification! I promise I'm going to have something for everyone (please go to the Event section of the website and read the Wanted Ads and let me know if I need to post what you "Need"). So go to and search for BadKittyBad or call the club 614-275-9861 and we'll get you connected. The Live @ Princeton Show Starts on Saturday @ Midnight.

Mark your calendars for the Memorial Day Weekend Fun at Princeton. Nude sunbathing starts on Saturday at Noon with the live band Bright Lights playing Margheritaville type music and making everything seem alright. At Midnight we're going to have a Topless Golf Tourney on the Patio that you'll want to Play/Play With! It's All About Making the Hole!  LOL!  Soon, Princeton will be available 365 24/7 and we'll get closer to our mission: An Orgasm a Day keeps the Doctor Away!!!!!!! 

See ya on the Dance Floor,

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