Wet T-Shirt & March Madness!

Newsletter: Mar 29, 2012

Hey Sexy Kitties!

We're starting this weekend off with a Wet T-Shirt Contest that's sure to Please Everyone! Ladies... it's time to pull out your white T-Shirts and rock 'em to the club!!!!! And the Best Part...you're Wet before you even Get to the Club cause there's Nothing Better than getting your BFF or Main Man involved in Designing Your Killa T-Shirt in the Privacy of Your Own Home!!!! Or if ya need a little help from your Friends...just bring your T-Shirt to the Club & there's lots of Ladies that can help ya get a Killa Look! Strut your stuff on stage and show off Your Ice-Cold Nipples & Designer T-Shirt!!! Friday Everyone's a Winner!

If you Love Basketball, there's no better place to watch the Bucks ! We'll have the game on Every Screen, playing Basketball Trivia & enjoying our Princeton Buckeye Cheerleaders during All Commercial Breaks! And..........Ladies we can't wait to see all your Nothing Butt Net Sexy Outfits! It's a Great Look for Everyone & a Great Way to Support the Bucks with Nothing Butt Net! We're sure they'll feel Your Love all the way to the Championship Game!

April 6 & 7 we're Celebrating Kitty's Birthday Playboy Bunny Bash! We promise to have more Sexy Playboy Bunnies than you can shake a Stick at and an Easter Egg Hunt that's going to leave you with lots of New Sexy Friends....instead of looking for Eggs, you'll be looking for Sexy Legs! It's a Win-Win for Everyone! 

Live @ Princeton is something I've been dreaming of for a very long time. I hope to reach even more people with the Princeton Club Mission: An Orgasm a Day keeps the Doctor Away! The first & last weekend of every month we'll be broadcasting Live from the 2nd Floor VIP KittyKlub Studio! Saturday April 7th FleXXX & XXXFriends will be performing a Bondage, Balls to the Walls Fuck Feast that's going to Rock Your World. The Shows start at 10pm and the link to all the fun is www.CamModels.com Search the site for the KittyKlub & join the Fun! And the Best Part is.....you can watch the show from the privacy of your own home or have your own private party in one of the 5 VIP Rooms with views of the FleXXX & XXXFriends Fuck Feast! Go to the Event section of the website & read more about Live @ Princeton!

We've got Lots of ways to keep some change in your pocket & all you have to do is go to the website for All our Special Offers! We even have a Friends Fly for FREE Offer valued at $85!!!!!!! How do you Celebrate when your Tax Refund's Finally Arrived......with your Honey @ Club Princeton!  Life Is Good!

See ya on the Dance Floor!


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