Antoinette's B-Day Party & Camo Night!

Newsletter: Feb 23, 2012

Hello Kool Kats!

We hope you're able to enjoy the wonderful winter weather & 60 Degree Temps! For the past 8 years the Arnold Classic Weekend Sporting Event Party ( Arnold's Jock Support Party March 3) has grown in attendance & it's a chance for Princeton Members to meet people from All Over the World! We're expecting 400+ people and a Party Night You Won't Forget! Bob will be back with 3 Bus Loads of NE Ohio Princeton Members! So if you want to "Get on the Bus" email It's a Great Way to meet new friends before you even get to the club.

This Friday we're Celebrating Antoinette's Birthday! We've got a Scavanger Hunt Party Game that you'll want to be a part of or at least the person(s) that will be planted with Scavanger Hunt Clues that the gamers will be frisking you trying to find where you hid the Clue on Your Body! Kaneeka the Hostess with the Mostess will be leading the game so be sure and let her know if you want to Hide a Clue or Find the Clues ...whichever floats your boat! Prizes for the Winning Team. And at Midnight Miss Antoinette will be getting her Birthday Group Lap Dance that we're sure you'll want to be a part of!

Saturday it's Camo Night and we can't wait to see the Sexy Hot Guys & Gals in their Camo Gear! Eye Candy for All! And mark your calendar for Wet T-Shirt/March 30 & Kitty's Birthday Party April 7.

And Last but certainly not least I'm offering a Friends Fly for Free Special Offer. I want more of Y-O-U and I think the best way to get more Wonderful Princeton Members is to Offer you a Virtual Free Pass (FREE Door Fee & Free One-Day Membership Pass) that you can offer people (couples) you like and think will enjoy becoming members of the club. You and your new friends MUST be checked in before 8:30pm and they MUST send us a free online application prior to attending the party. I'm also Thanking You by Offering you 50% Off your Door Fee that night. It's an $85 Value Special Offer that I hope you take advantage of and..... we're ALL looking forward to meeting your FRIENDS!

Life Is Good,

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