Mega Halloween Weekend

Newsletter: Oct 26, 2011

Hey Princeton Pussy Kats!

We've got a LOT going on this weekend starting at 1am on Friday, Oct 28 with the After-Hours Trauma Party!  If you've not been to a Trauma Party    be sure and check it out.  The Princeton Sybian Motorcycle will be at the party so you'll be able to show your friends how to Ride that Beast!  Ride, Sally, Ride.  Friday, Nov 4 is the 2nd Trauma Party & we'll be hosting that After-Hours Party as well.  You know you're starting out on the right foot when you're partying til 5am Friday Morning!

We'll have more Angels & Devils than you can shake a stick at (yes, pun intended!) on Friday starting at 8pm.  Ladies, get to the club before 9pm and your door fee is FREE!  Get all your BFFs together for a drink and then head upstairs for the Male Review starting at 9:30pm.  It's $20/Lady & $40/VIP.   All the Dancers are from Detroit so be sure and give them a Warm Ohio Welcome!  Mr. Unpredictable, AJ (Mr. 13") and FleXXX will be shaking their money makers and giving you a Night that you Won't Forget!  And after the show is over you can head downstairs to the Angels & Devils Party and do your own Horizontal Dancing!  LOL!  Guys & Ladies, we have 3 Bachlorette Parties going on so we'd have to say this is a No Brainer if you're in the market for meeting Lots of SEXY HOT LADIES! 

Saturday, Oct 29 is the Mega Halloween Party starting at 8pm!  Anna & The Androids will be starting their performance at about 9:30pm til Midnight.  They'll be performing aerial acts above the dance floor & we can't WAIT!  You can also check their act out at the Trauma Party and decide if their Erotic Act is better at Princeton!  .....We all know that Everything is Better @ Princeton!

The Costume Contest $$$ goes down at Midnight on Saturday and after that it's Birthday Suit Time!  At least that's how it works most party nights!

We've sent out info(to your paypal account email address)  to ALL the Pre-Paid Party Members.  If for some reason, you didn't receive yours, please email   and we'll send you a copy.  The FREE SHUTTLES CONTINUEOUSLY  starting running at 7:45pm and ends at 4:30am.  Pick-up and drop-off is at the Hilton Gardens on Jack Pot Rd.  If you want to hook up/pre-party activities with other members that are staying at the hotels, just go to the Yahoo Fan Club for times & places. 

Most importantly, if we have any issues with membership expiration we'll charge you for a one month membership ($25) and we'll track down the discrepancy at a later time that night or just email Kitty.  You can email Kitty before the party if you want to check your exp. date.  With 100s of people in line waiting to get in,  this isn't the time or place to track things down.  The Front Door/Ticket Booth is the MOST STRESSFUL job in the club & we'd ALL APPRECIATE IT if you'd do your job in making less so.

Ladies & Gents there are lots of staff that will be doing their BEST to bring you the BEST PARTY IN THE MIDWEST!  We hope you take a minute to THANK THEM & SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION CAUSE WE KNOW HOW MUCH THEY APPRECIATE YOU & WANT YOU TO HAVE THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!

We've Got Lots of Special Offers so Plan on Meeting 300 New Members that have never been to the club before.   All Current Members, we sure could use your help in Giving Them a Warm Princeton Welcome! 

Saturday, Nov 5 the band LDNL will be in the house and we'll be pre-selling the tickets with a Special Offer of $30/Person.  That's a $65 Savings for a New Member of the club and a $35 Saving for our Current Princeton Club Members.  This is an Awesome Band and we Promise You'll be on the Dance Floor All Night Long!

Life Is Good,

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