A Million Thank Yous

Newsletter: Oct 10, 2011

Dear Members,

THIS is not just another week, folks...  This is the BEGINNING of our 8th year in business and I am more excited than ever about what's happening at Princeton..  A very BIG THANK YOU to everyone that came to the 7th Anniversary with us this past weekend.  It was so much fun and great to see everyone.  Thank you, Thank You and a BIG KISS and Thank you for all your LOVE & SUPPORT for 7 years.  We love you too and appreciate everything...

To Start our 8th year out right we have some fun in store for you.

This week starting on Friday is Brittany's Panty Pary or Pantiless Party.  Now Ladies there is nothing to be afraid of this party.  We know you love your Panties.  So come in some sexy panties and show them off to all your girlfriends... It's a PANTY Party.  And of course for some of you more risque type Ladies, Pantiless is also a Hot way to go...  So no matter which way you come, just get on down to Princeton and enjoy the best club in the universe...


Then Saturday Night is without a doubt one of the BEST and MOST EXCITING ONE TWO PUNCH PARTIES PRINCETON HAS TO OFFER... It is the Naughty Gras Party which RK holds a few times a year.  Bring your mask, beads and get ready to rumble... We have a bunch of beads to giveaway... 


DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN GET INTO THE NAUGHTY GRASS FOR FREE.  And did you know that we will have our Body Painter and Body Caster at the parties this weekend.  Read how to get into the Naughty Gras Party FREE just by logging in at www.clubprinceton.com and read all about it on the home page...


Then upstairs starting at 11pm we have the VIP Club bringing the new GO GO GLOW PARTY.  YES, Mike is bringing these HOT GO GO Dancers that will be behind our two new Shadow Boxes at the VIP Club.  PLus its a GLOW PARTY and everyone knows we stay open upstairs til 5am  It's only $10 per person more for our couples to party with all the Go Go Dancers til 5am...


And if that's not enough, just wait til next week when we have The White Shirt Party on Friday on the main floor, the VIP Club Fetish Party on the second floor and then Saturday we are having a Vintage 40's Party with Brianne handling the Burlesque Show, only at Princeton.  hey by the way, the entire staff is coming in theme, vintage 40's even RK has his vintage suit and spats...


For more info, just log in at www.clubprinceton.com and go to events and read all about it...


Love you and Appreciate you.


RK & The Princeton Staff

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