7th Anniversary Party Weekend Plus lots of prizes

Newsletter: Oct 05, 2011

Hey Members,

It's that time of the week when we shoot you an email to remind you of some of the great events that we have this weekend and WOW do we have a lineup...

This Friday we have the Newlywed Game on the main floor and Jenn and all the Princeton Staffers are really excited to spice up the questions we will be posing to our members who want to play.  This is one of the funniest parties we have throughout the year, so if you want to have fun and talk about what happened on the Newlywed Panel all week long, just come on out. 

Plus this week we want to invite back all of our BVV Girls who will be dressing up Naughty Gras style.  We have some beads for you Ladies...

Then Saturday night we have two spectacular events.  RK is Hosting the 7th Anniversary Party.  Now if you were at the Luau Party on September you are already on "THE GET IN FREE LIST BEFORE 9PM", so be sure to get to the club early.  That's right, those folks can get into the first floor Princeton Party for FREE, just get to Princeton before 9pm.  Of course if you didn't come to the Luau Party last month, no problem, bring a new couple with you and get into The Anniversary Party for only $30 per couple...  And if you can't find a new sexy couple to come with, just get your fannies down to Princeton tonight because it will be a packed house and there's more...

At the VIP Club upstairs from 11pm - 3am we have LIVE MUSIC with LA SKY who use to tour with Rick James and some of the Band Members will be on hand celebrating Princeton's 7th Anniversary Party.  It's only $20 to get into the VIP Club tonight and it also will be packed with Hot, Sexy and drop dead Gorgeous Single Ladies...  Yes RK has been hard at work sending out the invites to all of you Ladies that want to come in and listen to a HOT BAND upstairs at the VIP Club...

Now just a thought before you go back to what you were doing...

Princeton is celebrating our 7th Anniversary this weekend and it would really be nice to see everyone come out and enjoy the evening.  So Princeton Nation, get on the phone, dust off your email addresses and be sure to get online and invite everyone who has enjoyed Princeton from Day 1 to Day 2555 with us.  It's going to be a fun evening...Over 737 parties at Princeton and we want to make this 7th Anniversary Party the best ever...

For the 7th Anniversary Party on October 8th and a special celebration, everyone coming to Princeton tonight that hasn't been around for awhile and you want a SPECIAL TREAT, well come to the Club tonight and all you need to do is sign up again and pay the party fee and we'll give you a FREE 30 Day Pass, just as a Special Thank YOU, for supporting us throughout the years. 

See you at the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in MIDWEST!!! 

Love and Kisses,

RK & The Princeton Staff

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