The MEGA LUAU Party & FREE Passes to October 8th

Newsletter: Sep 13, 2011

Dear Members,


This past Saturday night there were 160 who attended.  There were alot of parties throughout the Central Ohio area.  And there were two single guys at Saturday nights party.  There was a couple that came into the Club on Saturday who had come from another Club who said they left the party at the other Club because they counted over 30 single guys.  So maybe someone can tell me what slow means and what alot of single guys at Princeton means.


160 people at the Club to me means WOW... I get to meet 159 other like minded people.  And two single guys if my partner is into that.  Everyone knows we rarely let any single men into the Club on Saturday nights and even Friday nights rarely do we have more than 5 to 8 single men.  So if you are looking for respectful, and nice people, then Princeton is the place.  And if you are looking for a few select single men, then Princeton is the way to go.


BY the way, as we  often tell people, the week before a MEGA Party, alot of people do not come out because they are saving themselves and alittle money before coming to Princeton to see a ton of people.


And this weekend we have a full llineup. 


Friday we have the Nuts and Bolts Party on the first floor and the Fetish Foreplay on the second floor.


Then Saturday the MEGA Luau Party with our in house Body Caster Becky, Smoked Pulled Pork that will be slowly cooked for 24 hours before the party, plenty of Leis, and two Fire Dancer Performances on the Patio at 10:30 and Midnight.  And the MEGA GLOW Party upstairs with the Number 1 Dj Aaron who will be spinning upstairs and Jackie the Body Painter.  Of course the upstairs party goes til 5am...


So see you at the Club all weekend long.  We are getting alot of emails and texts from people that said they are attending the Parties this weekend. 


One other reason you might want to come on out... We are giving away FREE TICKETS TO THE OCTOBER 8TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY TO EVERYONE WHO COMES TO THE LUAU PARTY. 




That's right.  We did this for the Black White Party and 200 people took advantage of the FREE Passes to the Princeton 700 party.  So we decided to do it again for the Luau Party.  Come to the Luau Party and you will automatically be placed on the FREE list for the October 8th Anniversary Party.  So get over to Princeton this weekend and have a blast and remember you can Party for FREE on October 8th.


What's not to like about celebrating Princeton's 7th Anniversary and to kick off the beginning of our 8th Year as the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.  No one does it Better or Bigger. 


See you this weekend.


Love and Kisses,


The Princeton Club

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