The Black White and This Weekend

Newsletter: Aug 15, 2011

Well Folks, we will have to say that the Black White this year was totally impressive, the weather was perfect and everyone took advantage to being inside and out.  The PATIO was rocking.  So erotic, so romanatic and so wet with people jumping into the Hot tubs.  Plus the Tiki Huts were in use all night long.

The Music was hopping, the topless body painted female servers were doing body shots all night with the members and they were smoking hot Ladies.  The food was Fantastic adn the entire Club, all 23,500sf was out of this world.

Thank you Princeton Members for coming out and again showing all the top sexy fashion you have to offer.  Everyone came decked out, beautiful, dressed to a T, and we were so impressed.  There were people from Canada, NY, NJ, Conn, PA, WV, KY, TN, GA, FL, IN, IL, MI, SC, CA, and all over Ohio.  Almost all of the 500 people partied til 5:00am.  Folks, everyone partied, til we couldn't party anymore.

As a Special Treat to all of our Black White Partygoers, you can come back and enjoy Princeton this Saturday as well.  And for those of you faithful Members who didn't get a chance to enjoy the Black White, we have a Special for you as well...

Did you come to the Black White Party this past weekend.  Well if you did come then you are on the List to get in FREE this Saturday Night... 

Here is how it works...

For all those couples and single females that came to the Black White, you are on the List... You can come to Princeton this Saturday night to the Princeton 700 Party and help us celebrate Princeton's 700th party this weekend for FREE...  But you have to get to Princeton before 9pm - That is it.

Well for some of you 9pm may be a little too early...  So if you came to the Black White Party and want to come between 9-11, it's Member Appreciation Night some you can get in for only $30 per couple.

And if 11pm is too early, well for all those that came to the Black White Party can get into the Princeton 700 Party after 11pm for only $45...  IN TOWN OR OUT OF TOWN...

So now let's say you didn't get a chance to come to the Black White but you want to celebrate the Princeton 700 and you have been talking to all these new couples that have never been to Princeton before... Well if you bring a new couple to Princeton and get to the Club before 11pm, both couples get in for only $30 per couple.

All you Single Ladies that came to the Black White get in FREE til 9pm and after 9 it's only $5 tonight.  What R U Waiting 4!!!
Oh Get to Princeton this weekend and let us tell you how much we appreciate all your love and support...

We love you dearly and hope you all make it back to Princeton this weekend...

Plus this Saturday Night there is a MEGA GLOW PARTY upstairs at the VIP Club starting at 11pm for all you wanting to Party til 5am.  We will have a Body Painter and of course the Number 1 Dj in Columbus Voted to that top spot in Columbus 614 Magazine, Aaron...

Now don't forget, it is Jenn's Birthday Party this Friday on the Main Fllor and she is looking forward to seeing all the Members come out and enjoy her 30th.  It's a Special Birthday Party for Jenn, so be sure to stop on out and help her celebrate.

And the Fetish Foreplay folks will be upstairs with Guilty Pleasure and Monkey Puzzle Club.  So if Fetishes are your Pleasure be sure to come to the VIP Club.

Long, Live, Love,

The Princeton Club


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