The Black White Party

Newsletter: Aug 11, 2011

Dear Members,

Well it's that time of year when we get into our really nice threads and make a bee line to Princeton for the Black White Party. 

Here are a few reminders...

Dress Up.  Come in something Black or White or a combination.  If you come in blue jeans or shorts, you'll have to take everything off and we'll hand you a towel.  Of course, you will want to be in a towel for this party because there is no reason on earth that should keep you away from the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, WILD CHILD PARTY, like the Black White.

There are two entrances for this Party.  The normal main entrance that says Members Only are for new members who have never been to Princeton and for our members that have not pre-paid.  You can pay cash or credit. The second entrance is the VIP Club entrance at the portico and that is for all pre-paids, no matter if you paid $60 or $95.

Our Regular Price or VIP Pass.  Well for the past 7 plus years we have provided a top rated club and have kept our prices the same.  For those of our members who pay $60 you have access to the entire club from 8pm - 2:30am.  For those of you wishing to upgrade to the VIP Pass you have access to the entire Club from 8pm - 5am and those of you that get to the club early will get the 100 seats reserved on the main dance floor. Once those seats are filled you have availability in the remaining open seating throughout the entire club.  As in years past hundreds of our members prefer the open Patio as there is music and alot of space.

Both Clubs are OPEN at 8pm.  Yes both Clubs are open, both have DJ's, bartenders and both Patios are open.  There will be a Patio bar open for those members that need refrigeration for beer.  All beer & wine will be stored just like always for our big parties on the Patio with two bartenders. 

From Out of Town.  Those of you coming in and staying at the Hotels on jackpot road, in Grove City there will be a shuttle.  It will probably be a bit backed up in the beginning of the night.  If you do not want to wait, there is always German Village Cab (614-224-8888) and take the shuttle back to the Hotels.  No matter how you come please do not drink and drive.  If you need a cab we will get you one and your car can remain in our parking lot.  BE SAFE!!!

For all Members who come to the Black White Party you will be on the list for next Saturday Nights "Princeton 700" where we are celebrating over 700 parties at our Club.  It is a Member Appreciation Night so when you come to the Black White, you can also attend The Princeton 700 Party on August 20th on the first floor.  You will not get a ticket, because you are already on the list just by coming to the Black White. 

We have made a few changes to the Main Dance Floor for this Party, so pay attention.  There are 150 seats in our Dance/Social Hall.  There will be 100 VIP Reserved Seats and there will be 50 open seats.  Even if you don't have a seat, the Main Dance Floor is for everyone, so you can also sit up by the Main Bar, or outside and you can dance wherever you want.  The second floor is also full of seating and we have a DJ on the second floor as well. There is 23,500sf of space at Princeton and our occupancy is for 975 people.  Don't worry, there will be plenty of space for everyone.  Our normal Black White Parties exceed 500 people.   All 69 play areas will be available.  But remember, we need everyone to cooperate when it comes to those play areas.  We need you to play and let others after you play, so be considerate that there will be other sexy couples that want their turn.  And try to keep the rooms and play areas free of trash as we will be extremely busy and we want to keep the club very clean...

What's with the Air Conditioning.  Well if you have seen the nasty storms that have come thru Columbus in the past two weeks we were a victim of lightening and even our best technicians couldn't save some of our ac units.  But we have worked day and night and ALL AC UNITS ARE WORKING.  With that said, it won't do much good if we leave the doors wide open, so be sure to close the Patio doors because all of our units will be working overtime to keep everyone cool.  Of course the Hottubs will be open and we are lowering the temperature on all of them to 85 so it feels more like a pool than a Hottub. 

So if you haven't called all of your friends, its time to get your fannies in action and make this 2011 Black White a FUN, DRESS UP Party so bring out the Fashion and all your SEXY friends and enjoy the Number 1 Lifestyle Club in the Midwest.

Long, Live, Love,

The Princeton Club


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