LDNL BackUp Dancer Tryouts/Boy Shorts Contest

Newsletter: Aug 02, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here so Take Off All Your Clothes!!!!

I want to Thank All the Princeton Troupers that made it through the Heat this past Saturday.  Friday the club was closed due to a storm that knocked out the entire electric in the building.  Saturday was a teeny weeny bit better and at approx 3:30pm  some of the electric was restored to the building and as they say....The Show Must Go On and 150 Crazy Princeton Club Members said "what the fuck were going to party even if it's hotter than hell inside the club".  So... I would like to Thank All You Crazy Members with a Free Friday Pass this Week.  Please get to the club by 9pm to take advantage of your Free Pass and mention it to Cyrena at the front door!  And I can't tell you how proud I am of the Princeton Staff this past weekend.  They were passing out ice & water, Brian was shining his spot light on the packed, unlit dance floor, Chantelle kept the party rocking, Jasmine made her bartending debut (ladies and gentlemen she is one smoking hot number), Cyrena got you all checked in and Dawon and Antoinette did soooo much behind the scenes work you'd swear they were magicians.  I am so Grateful for All their Expertise!!!!

This Friday we're having our Final LDNL (Lt. Dan's New Legs Band) BackUp Dancer Tryouts.  So far Classy Ass, Rachel, Tangee and Bonnie ( of Bonnie & Clyde) have made the cut and will be part of the LDNL Nov 5 Concert.  The Tryouts are from 8:30pm-9:30pm so get to the club as early as possible.  All women that enter the tryouts get into the club for FREE!!!!

Saturday we are having our First Boy Shorts Contest and the Band Bright Light will be Playing on the Patio from 11pm-1am.  They are an AWESOME Band that we're sure you'll enjoy while soaking in the spa or sitting around the firepit with your Favorite Friends.  And if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, Brian will be spinning yor favorite tunes on the dance floor and Chantelle will keep the party Rocking!  Be sure and say "Hello" to Jasmine at the Bar and give her a Warm Princeton Welcome. 

Please go to the website for all the Facebook signup discounts so you can keep some change in your pocket.

See ya on the Dance Floor,

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